Constant Watery Poop

Posted by: HarleyQuinn

Constant Watery Poop - 06/05/12 04:25 PM

I have a one week old baby chick that I rescued. He's been doing fine until today. I've been feeding him baby cereal until I can find a store that sells the right food. Today when he woke up, he ate like normal and went outside with me. He always pecks at the ground and follows me. When I brought him inside, I noticed he was going poop more often and its really watery/liquidy. He only does this while inside though. He's still as hyper and curious as ever. So I don't know if I should be worried or not. Please help me. If he needs medical attention please let me know. I want him to be ok. I love him D:
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Constant Watery Poop - 06/05/12 09:28 PM

Chicks of that age have no immunity, so taking him outside onto the ground, is a huge risk. One of the things that he could catch and which is fatal if not treated immediately, is coccidiosis. This is caused by a protozoan which will cause the chick to scour, and often the first symptom is blood in the faeces.
Ideally you should have your chick on a chick starter that has a coccidiostat in it. Until you can get some proper chick feed, keep him off the ground. You could suppliment the baby cereal with some hard boiled mashed egg, which will give him the protein he needs and a very small amount of boiled rice for carbohydrates which might help to dry up the watery poop. Let us know how you get on.
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Re: Constant Watery Poop - 06/06/12 01:48 AM

What do you mean by he will scour? And I can't find anywhere in my area that sell the feed I need. frown I do know that his mommy hen abandoned him or he got lost. He was in my boyfriend's yard. There's a lot of chickens and chicks there. That's why I thought it was ok for him to walk around outside. His stool is looking normal again and he's still eating just fine. He's sleeping right now. I don't have the money to buy a heat lamp or cage at the moment, so he's sleeping in a box with a heating pad and it seems to work just fine. Any other advice?
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Re: Constant Watery Poop - 06/06/12 06:10 PM

The box with a heating pad will work OK in our climate. I'm in Hawaii too.

Do you have a Del's or other agricultural store around? Buy a 10# bag of medicated chick starter. They need grit, too. Cinders from the volcano with do for that if you have them. Otherwise you can buy grit at the same place you find feed.

"Scour" means diarrhea. Google "poopology" to see the wide range of fresh chicken manure.
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Re: Constant Watery Poop - 06/06/12 06:44 PM

I live up in Schofield. So I don't think there is a store near me. And I don't have a car. I usually take bus everywhere. Could you tell me where a few stores are that have this feed? And how expensive is it? He seems to be doing fine right now. Hyper and all lol. I haven't seen any blood in his stool. I've had him for 5 days now. All seems well for now.
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Re: Constant Watery Poop - 06/06/12 10:06 PM

If you can't get the feed, what you are feeding is ok. Just add some hard boiled mashed egg and a small amount of boiled rice to the diet you are giving him. The heat pad is also good. Chicks will pick at anything, may just have been something he ate while outside that caused a temporary upset.
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Re: Constant Watery Poop - 06/06/12 10:10 PM

I did that smile He seems to love it! lol. I'll post again if I have anymore troubles. Thank you for all the help.
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Re: Constant Watery Poop - 10/20/12 08:53 AM

I know this is an older post but if you get tagged in it and for future reference read ......human baby foods contain many more sugars than baby chicks need and this would be causing a diarrhea effect , chicken crumbles provide the basics for healthy growth ,,,I am presuming that this little one is amongst your first on the land you live ? such cocidiosis is not a concern,in a breeders situation it is, as the coccidia oocylists (eggs)_..can lay dormant for around 2 years in the soil cockroaches and wild bird fecal matter can also carry these but it is a minor concern ,I would reduce wet feeds such as lettuce cabbage ,carrots etc and put the bird on a more grain like diet and give pro-biotics to reduce coccidiosis concerns or put the bird on medicated feed