HELP!!! Baby Bantam chic very weak...

Posted by: Misti

HELP!!! Baby Bantam chic very weak... - 11/18/12 10:25 PM

My hubby and I ordered some baby chicks on-line and 1 of my baby bantams seems to be real weak... It is very tiny and just lays around like it is dead!! I get it out of the brooder and I have mixed up some warm sugar water and put some of the food in the water to dissolve and feed it with a eye dropper.. It will perk up a little bit and move around a little and start chirping and then goes back to sleep! Then I start the process all over again.. Is there anything else I can do for it to help it regain strength back????? PLEASE could anybody help me out???? -Thanks-Misti- confused
Posted by: Foehn

Re: HELP!!! Baby Bantam chic very weak... - 11/18/12 10:55 PM

It may have got either too cold, or too hot or squashed in transit which has led to it not thriving. It sounds as if you are doing the best you can for it. Try a little hard boiled egg yolk in the food mix, even dropping tiny bits on the floor in front of it, so that it is attracted by the movement. If you do this after its sugar fix, (I prefer honey in tepid water, 1 tsp per breakfast cup)it may have enough energy to encourage it to pick up the food. How old is your chick?
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Re: HELP!!! Baby Bantam chic very weak... - 11/19/12 03:14 PM

They are 6 days old.. 2 died this morning and now another 1 is starting to do the same thing just laying around and not very active at all... we are keeping our brooder anywhere between 90 and 92 degrees..
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Re: HELP!!! Baby Bantam chic very weak and Now ... - 11/21/12 05:18 AM

Well we have lost 2 more chick today!!! For the likes of me I do not understand,, They are 7 days old and very active and healthy and then the next thing you know you look in the brooder and they are sitting around sleeping not very active... Then you check on them again and they are on there side dead... We have lost 8 total since Saturday.. Our brooder was at 92-93 degrees when we put them in and now we have lowered it 5 degrees today... They seem very comfortable.. Do they have some kind of disease that maybe baby chicks get that I don't know about??? Can anybody help me with this PLEASE!!!! Thanks,-Misti- shocked
Posted by: CJR

Re: HELP!!! Baby Bantam chic very weak and Now ... - 11/21/12 10:08 AM

Baby chicks that are shipped are always at an added risk of delivery stress--handling at packing, delay in the shipping, rough handling at shipping, and possible significant temperature changes.
Just a guess is that these chicks needed feed and water some hours earlier than they reached you. Only the most robust or latest hatched chicks can go without food or water for more than the suggested 36 hours after hatch.("Stromberg Better Guide to Hatching") It is not usually possible to stretch that time before needing food and water, except for strongest chicks. Doubt they have disease, are just what can be called "fading" chicks. If the losses begin only after 6 or 7i days, lack of vit A,D can cause the fading and death. A drop of plain cod liver oil can save such chicks. Placed with an eyedropper under the top beak, allows the chick to swallow it without choking. If this can be a cause, A day apart--3 times in all, can do the "save". Might be worth a try for your survivors? So sad to lose any chick. Have you notified the Hatchery or person who shipped your chicks? Good luck, CJR