Possible Bumblefoot???

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Possible Bumblefoot??? - 04/21/14 06:06 PM

I have a 3 year old red star that appears to have bumble foot. Below is an image of the foot. I am currently doing an epsom salt bath for 15 minutes each day followed by a gauze pad soaked in Vetericyn (all animal). I then wrap the gauze and foot in vet wrap. I have been doing this once a day for the last 4 days with not much change. A friend recommended using a foot bath in Tricide-Neo (its a koi fish ulcer treatment) for 7 to 8 minutes a day. They said they have had very good results with this. I have placed an order for this but it will be a few days before I get it. I don't have access to an avian vet and I don't feel comfortable doing surgery. Is there any other advice for treating this? Should I be giving the bird an injectable anti-biotic? For the most part, other than limping, she is eating and laying...and her color is good.

In the image, you can see the swelling... on the bottom of the foot there is a small dark spot about the side of a ground pepper flake.

Any advice would be most helpful.
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 04/22/14 05:43 PM

Take a needle and prick her. If yellow liquid(pus) comes out when you press, you will have to use anitbiotics. There are quite a few threads on the topic. Desinfect your hands after that, might be Streptococcus aureus.
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 04/24/14 12:01 AM

Keep up the soaking. When the black scab is soft you can carefully peel it off. That may also help drain the infection. As Wieslaw says, take care with hygiene; gloves may be advisable. If you take off the scab, you will need to bind the foot in self sticking vet wrap to keep the dirt out.
Here is a good link, but I wouldn't suggest the surgery unless you have some practical experience in this. However the rest of the advice is good. The video clip is a bit graphic, so be warned, but I suggest that if you can watch it, they show you how to vet wrap the foot afterwards towards the end of the video.
Bumblefoot surgery
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 05/22/14 09:40 PM

I am sorry, I have seen this video before and it bothers me a great deal. In my humble opinion there is no excuse in the world for anyone to slice a chicken's un-frozen foot over and over and over like this person in the video did! Come on already! Either cut the damn thing out and be done with it, or go home. But at some point that delicate slicing with a knife on a live chicken passed from being surgery into being torture.

I am sure that many people on this site have done something similar to their infected birds without slicing repeatedly like the video displays. Do it, be quick, get it over with, and I would pack the wound with honey, yes the same kind you spread on your toast, and wrap.

But in my opinion you are bound by ethics to expose your bird to the least amount of pain and the person in this video, in my opinion, FAILED to be aware of the extensive pain her delicate little knife slices caused the chicken. That bird felt every slice!
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 05/23/14 05:39 PM

I see this thread started a month ago so it is not likely being followed anymore, however I would like to add to it. I have cured bumble foot several times with Pen-G injections for 5 days. Cures it every time, I never cut open the foot. I have soaked and bandaged the foot to aid in healing. It takes several more days after the injections for all the swelling to go away, but it will.
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 06/10/14 07:39 AM

Pen-G is what? A type of penicillin? And what is the correct dosage?
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 06/10/14 03:40 PM

I need to update this info. 10/15/2014
I can no longer state that the treatment listed below has worked every time for me. I have been dealing with a case of Bumble foot for over three months now. When I discovered it I did the treatment plan listed below. About three days after the last Pen-G injection the foot swelled up much worse. I enlisted the help of a Vet. who opened the top of the foot as well as removing the scab on the bottom to open the foot from both sides. He removed several yellow clumps from the foot. gave me a ten day course of oral antibiotics for her as well as instructions to clean (flush with saline through the two openings), apply topical antibiotic and bandage daily. After the oral antibiotics were finished (10 days) the swelling was about half but did not improve over the next few days. I contacted the Vet again and was instructed to add a foot bath with diluted Iodine to the daily treatment. I did this for another few weeks. I then did another course of Pen-G. Now the swelling is cut in half again but the openings in the foot have healed over. I took her back to the Vet yesterday and he gave me a new antibiotic to hopefully knock out the rest of the infection. I do think this is almost over. I have never had anything like this before.

Yes, Pen-G is an injectable penicillin.

The following is an all out treatment. Mild infections can sometimes heal on there own or with much less bother than the following treatment plan. For very mild cases (small scab and no swelling) I will just clean and bandage for 1 to 2 weeks. For a medium infection (small scab and minor swelling of the foot pad) I will give Pen-G injections and clean and bandage. For very bad cases (large scab and major swelling of entire foot) I use the following. This information is based on my personal experience. I have no back round or education in veterinarian medicine.
Bumble Foot is a staph infection and can spread to the "hock" joint as well. What has worked for me is injections of Pen-G. This is a basic form of penicillin and works very well on is type of staph infection. It will take some of your time for a week. You will need to soak the foot and bandage it also.
Things you will need:
1) Pen-G This can be purchased at feed stores or Tractor Supply Co. No prescription needed. Small bottle $9.00
2) 3ml syringe with a 25 gage needle. Shorter needle is easier. I use 1/2 or 5/8 inch. Get this at a pharmacy. Cost about 25 cents each. You may want several incase you bend a needle.
3) Rubbing alcohol
4) Gaze
5) Water proof bandaging tape
6) Epson salts
7) Neosporin or generic triple antibiotic ointment, never use the type with pain relief. It contains Acetaminophen which is poison to birds.
8) Time and TLC

I have found that the lancing and squeezing is a waste of time for mild to moderate infections. It may be needed if the infection is very severe.
Soak the foot in warm Epson salt solution. Mix according to package. About 15 - 20 minutes.
Apply Neosporin ( triple antibiotic ointment) and bandage. It will get dirt in it. Do the best you can allowing for free movement of foot.
Injections .
Allow Pen-G to warm to room temp. Shake pen-g well just before putting in syringe. Pull in about 3/4 CC (same as ml.). Pen-G is very thick, this will be slow.
Injection can be given in breast or thigh.
It must be given in muscle tissue taking care not to hit a bone.
Find the spot you want and clean with alcohol.
It helps if someone can help hold the bird now.
The Pen-G will want to plug the needle so just before putting the needle in you need to clear it by pushing some out. Keep 1/2 CC in syringe. This is the amount I used for a 4-5 lb. bird.
Insert the syringe and slowly withdraw it while injecting.
If the medicine wont push out the needle, withdraw the needle and clear it and try again.
If you have never done this I know it sounds difficult and even scary. Its not so bad.
Clean syringe with alcohol or replace with a new one.
Repeat for five days.
Now clean and bandage every 2 - 3 days till scabbed area looks mostly healed.
The swelling will last maybe a week longer after injections are done.
The scab may take several weeks to completely heal.
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 06/12/14 04:05 PM

Thanks, I do appreciate the help.
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 06/13/14 03:40 PM

Glad to help, I added to my previous post, Never use antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) with pain reliever added as it contains Acetaminophen which is poison to birds.
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 10/16/14 05:00 PM

I have just updated my post about treatment of bumble foot. I have been dealing with a very stubborn case and my usual treatment did not work.
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 10/17/14 06:21 PM

I have never had the occasion to try it out but others have used and liked the remedy sold here Herbal tinctures
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 10/18/14 09:42 AM

Very interesting site, worth reading!!!
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Re: Possible Bumblefoot??? - 01/08/15 11:49 PM

Moderator2 is right! This is the same method I have used. Its been years since ive had issues with bumblefoot. Thats the only thing i found that works.