Raccoon Attack.. Injured girl

Posted by: LucySchmoosy1

Raccoon Attack.. Injured girl - 06/11/15 07:52 PM

We had a raccoon break into our coop by busting our egg box lid open. Sadly, he got one girl and injured another. The lady who survived had her comb eaten off, skin and all. The top of her head just looks terrible. We had our girls for about a year and a half and this is our first injury. Does anyone know how to treat this kind of wound? Could this be a fatal wound? We are a homeopathic family and prefer not to use any drugs. She's been acting pretty normal, free-ranging and even came to help me in the garden, eating and drinking too. With an injury from a dirty raccoon will her eggs still be safe to consume? Thank you in advance!!
Posted by: coopmaster

Re: Raccoon Attack.. Injured girl - 06/12/15 10:23 AM

Sorry to offend, but animal bites almost always result in infection. Only injection of antibiotics can treat the infection that will cause death. Even oral antibiotics will not suffice..... And as soon as possible.

If she continues to lay, her eggs will be okay to eat--always cook eggs, anyway.

Hope is always okay, but infection is serious. Local treatment with NZ Manuka Honey is very good for superficial injuries. Dear hen, protect her from return of Raccoon!! Good Luck
Posted by: LucySchmoosy1

Re: Raccoon Attack.. Injured girl - 06/12/15 07:22 PM

Thank you coopmaster for your response. I'd rather give her antibiotics then have her die. So, I'll make a trip to the Vet supply store.

I'm having a hard time finding a vet for her in our area. Do you by chance know the probability of her getting rabies? We haven't caught the raccoon, so I am not even sure it's rabid.

For now she is in the house and wont be returning outside until she is healed and the new critter proof coop is finished.
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Raccoon Attack.. Injured girl - 06/12/15 11:04 PM

NZ manuka honey is expensive to buy, but it has some very good antiseptic properties and will aid the healing. If the wound is clean it is well worth using the honey on her. Warm slightly so it will just spread. Make sure you don't heat it. Room temp or thereabouts should be fine.