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RED MITES, POLAND - 07/01/16 07:29 PM

Received a phone call from a lady living in NY. She is urgently seeking information to control Red mites in a dear friends special small flock of breeding birds. IN POLAND. He is losing birds. Dusts and powders have given no help. YEARS ago, I received some Silkies via Railway Express. Apparently their shipping wooden box brought Red Mites. Lost one pullet her first set-but learned about RED MITES. Located them--daytime-- on the coop wall above the roost box, in a small red circle. They are on the birds only at night, so not seen in a daytime inspection. Smeared them with my hand--but in those days BLACK LEAF 40 was mite control--painted on the roost bar. Easy complete control. Have never had Red mites since. Black Leaf 40 has not been available for a number of years. (I doubt that some of the newer controls are really safer)--It is up to us to follow directions and never to use any kind of Poisons, unless necessary!~
What products in Europe will eliminate Red Mites?--so far, the powders he has tried have done no good, of course--needs a liquid or paste control for the roosts. Appreciate any information to relay to the Polish lady in NY--who would mail a product, that is not available in Europe, to him, if possible. RedCap? others?
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Can he order from Germany?
I use a Neem oil repellent.
Years ago I ordered this due to a massive invasion of red mites and prepared a 10 % solution to bath the chicken in this. Furthermore I cleaned the coop (dry & wet with high pressure cleaner) and sprayed all surfaces with a 2 % solution of Temazad.
Afterwards I had never more problems since then.
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Re: RED MITES, POLAND - 07/02/16 10:53 AM

Many thanks, have forwarded this information to Zofia. CJR
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Re: RED MITES, POLAND - 07/05/16 04:32 PM

Here in Denmark I used a spray to kill flies in cowsheds. It worked on mites too.
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Re: RED MITES, POLAND - 07/14/16 03:43 AM

If you have a product called Ripcord that is also good. You have to use safety apparatus, including mask if working in an enclosed area, but it does a good job and will also take care of flies.
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Re: RED MITES, POLAND - 10/31/16 11:54 AM

I find diatom diatomaceous earth, DE completely effective, quick
and safe. You can huge it in large quantities. use puffer into cracks. It's not very cheap but much cheaper than losing birds. Long term action too.
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Re: RED MITES, POLAND - 06/15/17 08:45 PM

I wrote an article about red mites here, on facebook. It was originally because we had the mites on chickens, and they transfered to our other pets- rats and cats and dogs. I discuss treatment, prevention etc. Becuase they can infect any species, you do need to treat anyother species that have contact with your chickens or go near where your chickens live etc. goodluck.