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USDA(APHIS) - 11/03/05 10:44 AM

Wondering if any one else received a post card from USDA APHIS today/lately.? re: "Protect Your Birds"resources for info re: END & AI. I will send for the packet which includes a DVD on practicin bio security and the other stuff.
Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: USDA(APHIS) - 11/03/05 04:28 PM

I haven't received anything like that. I think I know the basics of good bio-security but would be interested in what they suggest. I am always up for learning something new.

Many of you know that I work with the public. When I mention that I have chickens to people that know nothing about fowl many of them will ask me about the "bird flu". They know very little about it other than its association with chickens. I wonder if they feel I am a risk to them because I have chickens..LOL!

Bill L
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Re: USDA(APHIS) - 11/05/05 04:16 PM

Hi Rob,

I dont think they have anything like this in Australia. I would really apreciate if you could share what you received in helping me keep my birds safe from this nasty flu.

I suppose we are lucky as it has not hit Aus yet - But I dont want to wait when it does - rather take precautions now than later.
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Re: USDA(APHIS) - 11/05/05 04:23 PM

try this-----
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Re: USDA(APHIS) - 11/06/05 12:07 AM

Thanks Rob