Ill after vaccination? Need answers!

Posted by: Anonymous

Ill after vaccination? Need answers! - 07/12/04 04:33 AM

Hi to all! Three days ago I revaccinated against Infectious Bronchitis my two months old pullets, mainly production reds and voilą! Today my favourite pullet, Maia, stated to sneeze & cough! mad ! I've read on Marck's manual that some attenuated vaccines "can cause a mild form of infection" but how mild is mild? Should I consider her ill? She was perfectly healty before! Will she lay wrinkled eggs and start raling at winter? Does anyone noticed something similar after vaccination?
Thanks a lot to you all!
Posted by: Sandy C.

Re: Ill after vaccination? Need answers! - 07/16/04 07:35 AM

Go to this site it give you information about vaccinations and how they affect your birds