Nares getting clogged

Posted by: Starla

Nares getting clogged - 03/20/13 03:30 AM

I have 2 new baby ducks. One of my ducks gets one or the other nares hole clogged. When I give it a warm bath it opens up. They do have water throughout the day as well. Do you think it might be a respiratory infection? It eats and drinks well and doesn't seem sick.
Posted by: ssc

Re: Nares getting clogged - 03/20/13 04:46 AM

All ducks should have clean water which is deep enough to wash their nose and eyes constantly available. Just make sure they can't get in and get stuck, but if you are giving them a bath every day I would think they will be fine, assuming it is not an illness
Posted by: Starla

Re: Nares getting clogged - 03/21/13 12:28 AM

Thanks for the reply. I have water in with them that's deep enough for their heads to be dunked now. I hope this is it. I have 3 older ducks that really don't remember doing that for and they all survived without me doing that for them. And the other duck has never had that problem so I still think its something more than that. But I'll still keep water for them to dunk their heads in now that I know to do that.