Sick Hen

Posted by: franskitchen

Sick Hen - 04/08/13 10:48 AM

Hi I'm new to this forum. I have been doctoring my 2 yearold RI for 3 weeks.She is not laying,she is walking with her tail down and her feet toed in. She has been on pencillen for 2wks 1cc every 4 days.She eats a little ,drinks a little and has runny greenish poop.she is inside away from the other hens.I have given her sits baths.I have been giving her liquid vitamins.She has had yogurt and hard boiled eggs. I really don't know what else to do. Any suggestions Please, and Thnak you
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Re: Sick Hen - 04/08/13 12:51 PM

Penguin walk often idicates a soft shelled egg that hasn't passed, a broken egg (will usually have bit of yolk on vent downy feathers--or an egg (large or no lubrication) that has not been able to pass. AND after 3 weeks, several eggs could be backed up, OR she could. have an "interior" egg from reverse peristalsis--not commont, but not able to help. She is miserable, but carefully handle her, so no egg can be broken inside, and with lubricated finger, reach into the vent to see if you can feel an egg. Then your sitsbaths can help or insert some lubricant into the vent and up the canal, to hopefully let the egg pass, which might be a large one. Others may have additional help to offer.... Good luck CJR
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Re: Sick Hen - 04/08/13 01:37 PM

thank you I will try the lube
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Re: Sick Hen - 04/08/13 10:11 PM

I have a hen which I think is an internal layer. She was very swollen on her bottom which seems to be almost dragging the ground. She would lay, but the eggs where often flat sided, misshapen, or thin shelled. I took her out from the additional artificial lighting and offer her crushed oyster shell daily even though they have layer feed. She actually looks for the oyster shell and eats it up every day. It seems to help her as I sometimes get normal looking eggs from her. I just think she over produces and can't keep up. Taking her away from the extra lighting seems to help also. Maybe it was over stimulating her?The penquin stance she had has lessened, but her bottom still seems large. If your hen recovers, you might try the extra calcium.
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How did you make out?
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Re: Sick Hen - 04/21/13 08:28 AM

You may also want to Google Salpingitis it is an inflammation of the oviduct