Hen has chest tumor

Posted by: Jamlam

Hen has chest tumor - 08/09/13 10:26 PM

My speckled Sussex hen has a large growth on her chest. Almost baseball size. It feels Warm and soft. Her breathing sounds congested. No other symptoms. I am reading about mareks disease but don't fully understand, and can't diagnose this.
Please advise. Thanks!
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Hen has chest tumor - 08/09/13 11:06 PM

Can you tell me if the soft lump is slightly to the right of her neck if you are facing her from behind? Is it in the position of the crop in this picture?
If it is in this position, then it is the crop, it is normal to find it there, and if it is soft at least she is not crop bound. If the hen is eating normally, the crop should feel fullish at night (you may be able to feel grains in it) and soft and empty in the morning before she goes out to eat.
Sour crop However, there is a condition call sour crop that you can read about on the above linked page. It is very treatable, although sometimes Antibiotics may be needed.
If your hen has laboured breathing, it is more likely that she has a respiratory illness, and these can be both more difficult to diagnose, and treat. If a virus, keep her warm and in a quiet place, feed her well and make sure she has fresh clean water. If it is bacterial, then the Antibiotics are able to help. I find baytril very useful for these kinds of infections. Correct diagnosis is preferable if you use antibiotics. Do you have an Avian vet nearby?
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Re: Hen has chest tumor - 08/11/13 06:11 PM

Thank you very much, Foehn.
I think it is impacted crop now. It is not soft any more. I am very intimidated to put a syringe of water down her throat as recommended in the article you sent. (Impacted crop can be treated by flushing the crop with water to help soften up the “ball”. Using a syringe and tube, put water gently into the esophagus, behind the opening at the back of the throat that goes to the lungs. Gently massage the crop several times per day, softening the mass. Adding some vegetable oil may help a little, but you will usually get reasonable results from water alone. I would NOT recommend surgery on your own....if you cannot get the impaction resolved through massage, water and oil, contact a vet to help you out....gastrointestinal surgery has a HUGE potential to go horribly wrong in an amateur’s hands.)
Have you ever done this?
I am looking into a vet- there is a vet who treats parrots and exotic pet birds. I imagine it would be very expensive to have them do it.
I sure appreciate your time and quick response, thanks again very much!
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Hen has chest tumor - 08/17/13 04:01 AM

Are you saying that the crop still feels hard and full in the morning, before she has had a chance to eat?