Post Bumble foot surgery concerns

Posted by: KathyL

Post Bumble foot surgery concerns - 08/29/13 06:50 PM

I recently purchased a couple BLR Wyandotte hens and after getting them home a day or so, I noticed one hen was limping. I examined her, and she had bumble foot with a black scab on the bottom of the pad of her foot and a large abcess on the top of her foot. So I read up on it, here and on The Chicken Chick's website, and gathered my supplies. I cleaned and soaked her foot in a warm Epsom salts bath and then soaked in a tub of diluted Betadine. I wrapped her in a towel and draped the tail of it over her head and laid her on the counter near the sink. I soaked a new exacto knife and tweezers in a bleach solution to sanitize them. I made my first incision, and cut around the circumference of the scab. I pulled it out, and with it came a small amount of gunk, mostly liquid and blood. I dug around in there and got everything out I could. I then resoaked the foot in a warm, fresh batch of betadine solution. I applied a small gauze pad and held pressure on it while I looked at the top. I made a one inch incision in the center of the abcess, and my goodness, it just gushed out. I massaged the foot and there it was...a large mass of cottage cheese textured abcess. It came out easily . I soaked the foot in a fresh Epsom bath, messaging the foot. When I felt like I got it all, I did my best to pack her two wounds with triple antibiotic ointment,( with a pinch of Duramycin mixed in ) but there was so much blood it was difficult. I put a gauze pad on the bottom, a gauze pad on the top, and gently wrapped with strips of vet wrap. I took her out to the tractor with her buddy hen and hoped for the best. I bleached everything in the kitchen down, including my hands. I had to hold a small slice in my finger open and had my adult son pour bleach in it. ( I had gloves on, but in my rush to put my knife down to apply pressure, I sliced myself.)

Here is my concern. She did roost that night. I changed her bandages today and reapplied ointment and fresh gauze and bandages. The wounds look good, but she is still favoring that foot and its been two days. I guess I'm just concerned I didn't get it all out. How long does it take to heal? I'm worried that I didn't get it all out, but I know I got ALOT out, liquid and solid. The poor girl hates me now. She pecked me when I went out to get her to change her bandages. I put 1 level tablespoon of Duramycin in a gallon of water and I put out a small container of blueberry yogurt out for her.
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Re: Post Bumble foot surgery concerns - 08/29/13 07:04 PM

How often should I change her bandages?
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Re: Post Bumble foot surgery concerns - 08/29/13 08:13 PM

Would guess at least a week for recovery for this kind of surgery. You have done well, so don't give up too soon. Can you be sure her roost is VERY LOW until this foot heals completely? Bandage may be okay for several days, if no blood seeping through. be sure the medication is not keeping the wound irritated. Usually without disturbance, all should heal in about a week or just a bit longer. Take care of yours, too, Good luck, CJR
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Re: Post Bumble foot surgery concerns - 08/29/13 08:32 PM

Thank you very much, CJR. I think I am taking better care of her than my finger! I did flush it with bleach and I am on a course of antibiotics.
I have just read where everyone's birds just bounce right back in a day or two, so I wasn't sure. A week or so sounds reasonable to me. I got ALOT of infection out, including what could be considered a large kernel on top, but I am concerned that I didn't get it all. I messaged it and didn't feel anymore lumps or kernels, so I wrapped it up and am hoping for the best. She is in a tractor, so I can move it every couple days to keep her environment clean. The roosts are pretty low.
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Re: Post Bumble foot surgery concerns - 08/29/13 10:42 PM

And all of us who keep pets of any kind, and get the scratches, stabs, from wire or chicken (cats, dogs, horses, other livestock) toenails or pecks, should be sure to keep up to date with our Tetanus shots. A good thing! CJR
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Re: Post Bumble foot surgery concerns - 08/30/13 05:03 AM

Thank you for the reminder! I believe I have had a tetanus shot in the last few years. I have a couple horses and two dogs as well and I give my own shots (besides Rabies) and treat most of any injuries they get unless I don't have the prescription medications I need or it is beyond my realm of experience. I am fortunate that my animals stay pretty healthy.