A jelly bag

Posted by: Fowler3

A jelly bag - 08/30/13 05:13 PM

My araucana hen has swollen or fluid filled is more breast area, kinda like a large soft jelly bag below her neck. She is laying eggs ok and getting around as usual. She may have had this for some time and I may not have noticed because she's just a big fat hen. My first thought: is it a large cancerous tumor? I hope not because I have been eating her eggs. If anyone can give me insight, I'd sure appreciate it.
Posted by: Jimbo

Re: A jelly bag - 08/30/13 07:28 PM

The bag is called the "crop". It provides the food storage function in many birds that is otherwise provided by the stomach in mammals. Most birds have a visceral (chest and abdominal) cavity that is too constrained by needs for flight to allow much distention as needed to store larger meals. The storage is still needed so bird can have shorten periods exposed for feeding and to provide nutrition during night. The jelly-like nature indicates what ever has been consumed is hydrated and turned to mush. If bird consumed a large amount of intact grain then contents would give a very different feel. When bird consumes a large amount of water volume is also very briefly like a flaccid water balloon.
Posted by: Fowler3

Re: A jelly bag - 09/08/13 06:36 PM

Want to report, my hen is well. Yea!