White face

Posted by: stephan

White face - 09/12/13 11:09 AM

Hello everyone,

I have a few of my chicken who have white face, first i thought that is was a mite so i have traited everybody with Ivomec pour-on. But the thing is that even the bird who didn't have anything before traitement , start to have it after. So i took one of the bird to the vet, he had a look at it and told me that the cause was sun burn. I was quite surprise, did any of you had the case before ?
Posted by: jonnydot

Re: White face - 09/13/13 08:21 AM

Sounds like your vet is a goose ,have a Google for Favus this is a fungle problem and any basic anti fungle cream will clean it up ,look for tinea ,ringworm or even feminine creams at your local chemist and apply ,if there seems to be a lot of black spots appearing it may be fowl pox ,for which there is no western treatment however you could be a happy hippy and give the birds pine apple ,banana's and especially Shiite mushrooms all these have viral inhibitors within ,these are called Protease inhibitors and may be of benefit ...Shiite mushroom extract for one is now used in the fight for Aids sufferers .I shouldn't be hard on vets from what I understand there lessons in avian health is almost non existent :-) hope all ends well
Posted by: stephan

Re: White face - 09/13/13 11:23 AM

Thanks a lot Jonnydot for all your advices .