Questions about feeding oregano

Posted by: Robbie

Questions about feeding oregano - 09/29/15 06:14 PM

I thought I'd start a new thread. Feeding Oregano was mentioned in another post but I'd like more information please on how it's fed. Fresh or dried? And how much? Is it fed year round? Can it be fed free choice, or is it mixed in with the feed?
Thank you, this is very interesting.
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Re: Questions about feeding oregano - 09/30/15 09:05 AM

As I mentioned it already, I mix 10-20g (1-2%) rubbed Oregano under 1 kg feed. I buy it in 1 kg bags. Additionally I mix 1ml (per kg feed) Oregano feed oil (I use the one with 2% for pigeons) under the feed - as binder for the rubbed Oregano.
Here are many ready to use oils and liquids, which are based on Oregano.

As far as I know, the 2% and 10% oils are blended with Soy oil.
I don't know, whether it is GM-free Soy oil.
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Re: Questions about feeding oregano - 09/30/15 04:59 PM

Thank you Redcap, I missed the post with the amount somewhere so thanks for re-posting. I will definitely add that to my chicken's diet, sounds beneficial.
I assume oregano oil is the same as the essential oil? The essential oil is easy to find, and I can easily mix my own 2% solution, if that's all there is to it? Thanks for the Ropa link there are some very interesting things for sale on the site.

Ah! found it, right there where you mentioned it, as 1-2% I understand now. blush
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Re: Questions about feeding oregano - 09/30/15 11:31 PM

Interestingly Oregano proves to be a Panacea.
It protects against Fowl Mites (as repellent),

against Coccidiosis, Histomoniasis and other bacterial (e. E. Coli etc. pp) & even viral infections
altogether - it supports the intestinal health, e.g.
There is an old saying from Physicians from ancient Rome and Greece, that “Death begins in the Colon.”

and You can disinfect hatching eggs with Oregano oil
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Re: Questions about feeding oregano - 10/01/15 12:40 PM

Thanks Redcap this is great information. Plus, the chickens are pre-seasoned ;-)
I think I will try a spray of 1% oregano oil on my roosts as well, to use as a preventative treatment for red mite and see how that works.
I make an essential oil emulsion with water for repeling deerflies (Chrysops sp.) using poysorbate20 (TWEEN20), and that works well. I have not seen any red mite, but I'll try it before they get hold.