Oddly moving rooster

Posted by: setapike

Oddly moving rooster - 01/09/16 10:54 AM

I have a young Swedish Flower hen Rooster, who is in excellent health. When he moves, he appears to hyper-extend his legs, giving him a strange gate. Should I be worried?
Posted by: Robbie

Re: Oddly moving rooster - 01/09/16 11:55 AM

Hmmmm strange. if he was uncoordinated or running backwards that might be cause for worry. If there's nothing stuck on or in his feet like a thorn or bumblefoot, I'm not sure what else you could look for as the cause of his symptoms.
Posted by: Bushman

Re: Oddly moving rooster - 01/17/16 06:14 PM

Probably gout. I have had one that way for several years, and he still is fertile.
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: Oddly moving rooster - 01/18/16 09:21 AM

It can also be early stages of Marek´s disease. I also sometimes observed my hens stretch their legs in very strong frost.