Not sure what to call this...

Posted by: Smooth Mule

Not sure what to call this... - 10/14/17 08:07 AM

This chick hatched yesterday. I got home and most chicks were out but this one was trapped in the shell membrane with most of the shell off but the membrane was hard. I wet it with warm water so it would come off easily, and it did. I noted this red thing protruding through the skin because it was wet. This morning, the chick is fluffed and you can't see it at all. On photo's, it sort of looks like a couple of feathers or "something" sticking out of the tip of it.

What is this??

Posted by: Smooth Mule

Re: Not sure what to call this... - 10/14/17 08:33 AM

The chick does have a tail (parsons nose) but this is coming out of the back just up from that. I wet the area to see how it looks this morning so it's wet looking because I wet it for photo's and to see if it was still there under the fluff. I put it back in the incubator alone to fluff up again and dry so the other chicks didn't notice it and start pecking at it. It's not noticeable in the fluff

What do you make of this?

Posted by: Robbie

Re: Not sure what to call this... - 10/16/17 02:30 PM

Looks like the oil gland to me.
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: Not sure what to call this... - 10/31/17 11:06 AM

Is it an extra oil gland? Once I had a real talon growing on the back of one chick.