Egg Bound?

Posted by: Anonymous

Egg Bound? - 07/30/02 10:20 AM

My hens just sits in the nest and looks like she is trying to lay an egg. I tried looking into her vent but don't see anything. If I put her outside she will eat and drink but she won't go out on her own. What can I do to help her?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Egg Bound? - 07/30/02 11:05 AM

Are you sure she isn't just going broody?
I had a hen that had to be "broken up" every few weeks. About all I ever did was take her off the nest each day and make her go outside. She would get real grouchy when I did this but eventually would come out of it, then it would start all over when she would see a nice clutch of eggs in the nest.
If she is having trouble laying an egg, I understand that one aid can be to set her in a pan of warm water and this might relax things enough for her to pass it. Also heard that lubricating the vent is an idea.
Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: Egg Bound? - 07/30/02 02:26 PM

As mentioned above she may not be eggbound. To find out you can feel just inside the vent with your finger for an egg. Use some vasilene or K-Y jelly for lubricant. I'm sure then hen wont like it any more than you will :rolleyes: but at least you'll know smile