Posted by: Chicken Man

HELP PLEASE BREATHING !!!! - 04/21/03 04:46 PM

HI today one of my chickens was eating flies just a few minutes later when I went to get her to put her in the coop she was wheez and her comb was a little blueish purpleish what can I do whats rong with her confused
Posted by: CJR

Re: HELP PLEASE BREATHING !!!! - 04/22/03 02:29 PM

Had the flies been sprayed? Flushing out the crop might save the bird, but I cannot describe just how. Go to Archives and search for a good description. Good luck, CJR
Posted by: Chicken Man

Re: HELP PLEASE BREATHING !!!! - 04/22/03 03:04 PM

HI no the flies were not sparyed and he comb is not bluish but still is wezzing I don`t think it was poison could she get a disease that fast or did a piece of flie get in there confused