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Terramycin...again - 07/20/06 05:52 AM

My chickens have been on the terramycin for 12 days. How long must I wait to resume selling eggs? I have customers waiting for their eggs and don't know what to tell them. Anyone have a clue how long?
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Re: Terramycin...again - 07/20/06 06:44 AM

I called Pfizer directly, and they said that because they don't have any controlled studies, that they could not say how long to wait. They would only say that it should not be used on chickens producing eggs for human consumption.

They said that I could have my vet call one of their vets, and that they could discuss 'off label' information, but that they were only allowed to discuss 'on lable' information with the common public.

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Re: Terramycin...again - 07/20/06 07:02 AM

I did call my vet, but he isn't sure either. No one in this little farming town seems to know of a vet that deals with poultry. His guess was a couple of days?
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Re: Terramycin...again - 07/20/06 07:08 AM

I found this. Does anyone have a comment?

3. Do antibiotics in eggs contribute to antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotics arenít considered a food-safety issue for eggs. Low levels of antibiotics are occasionally, but only rarely, used to prevent disease and ensure the health of laying hens, just as for humans. Very few antibiotics are permitted and there is an economic incentive not to use them due to the additional cost. Rather than routinely, antibiotics are used only if the birds become ill Ė a rare occurrence because hens have to be healthy to produce eggs. Because so few antibiotics are used and are used to such a small degree, they arenít likely to contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistance.
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Re: Terramycin...again - 07/20/06 07:12 AM

A clue only, is: as many days as they were on the Terramycin.
12 days is a very long time to be on an antibiotic. 7 days is a more usual timing. Hope the birds recovered well.
I would not sell eggs for at least 12 days.
It will be interesting if you can get any information, even through your Vet--liability, these days, is such an issue, that receiving second hand information via Vets is unlikely. Let us know. (no one else knows if you followed directions exactly. Mfgr cannot be responsible. ) If a Vet prescribed it, then they would have the information. When we do our own diagnosis and treatment (and we MUST most of the time), WE are responsible.

My guess is 12 days. CJR
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Re: Terramycin...again - 07/20/06 08:04 AM

Thanks. That helps a lot.