Jersey Giant crusty COMB?

Posted by: Pierre

Jersey Giant crusty COMB? - 04/22/05 10:21 AM

One of my jersey giant chicks has a bit larger (just a bit) comb and it looks kinda crusty. Nothing major at all. She is still in perfect health and runs all over the place. she is about 3 weeks old and has been fed starter crumbles MEDICATED and is kept on cedar chips inside the brooder. None of the others has anything similar. I think it has been like that all along. Should I be worried?
Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: Jersey Giant crusty COMB? - 04/23/05 03:41 PM

I wish I could put your mind at ease but I don't know what may be the cause. I would watch and wait for now. Let use know if any more symptoms develop. It may just be an individual trait. You could put just a tiny bit of neosporin on it. Let us know hoe it does.

Bill L
Posted by: Pierre

Re: Jersey Giant crusty COMB? - 04/23/05 04:49 PM

Thanx, will do.