Limping Hen

Posted by: Stick Dog

Limping Hen - 05/23/05 01:00 PM

One of my black Austrolorps (heavy breed) jumped from the roost yesterday and slipped on the floor. She's been limping ever since. Do I need to do anything to help her or just leave her alone. She seems to go where she wants but the limping looks very painful. Sometimes she even falls to the ground. No one is pecking at her, no blood, just limping.
Also, another question, if I put Blue Kote on my feather-picked hens, will their feathers be able to grow back? They're not bleeding or anything and maybe Blue Kote isn't the answer but I need to find something that will discourage them from picking at each other. I'm also going to try a mineral supplement. Any other suggestions?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Limping Hen - 05/23/05 02:56 PM

Confine your hen in a well bedded cage with food and water within her reach, the goal being to keep her as still as possible. To make this arrangement less stressful for her, place the cage in the run or hen house. Be patient, as it may take some time to heal.

As far as feather picking goes, use the search function. Many members have dealt with this using different methods with varying degrees of success.

Good luck.