Raspy Rooster

Posted by: Anonymous

Raspy Rooster - 05/25/05 10:34 AM

I have a Rooster that has been raspy off and on for about a year. Thought it was perhaps allergys but this time it has not gone away. He looks well, eating good but sounds terrible. Any suggestions?
I have several types of injectable & oral antibiotics but I don't know what is safe for poultry or what dosages should be used. Please help. He is sounding worse.
Posted by: CJR

Re: Raspy Rooster - 05/25/05 11:46 AM

For a year? Use of antibiotics is seldom a good thing without a real diagnosis. Tylan is one that is used for Respiratory diseases--and could be considered. Following directions for Poultry use is imperitive! Good luck, CJR