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Health Related Links - 01/21/05 03:48 PM

Crop Trouble

External Symptoms for Diagnosing Disease

Common Poultry diseases

Avian Diseases Transmissible to Humans

Links page with every thing from diseases to a guide for performing a necropsy


Avian Nervous System

Merk Veterinary Manual


Find your local Avian Vet

Molt or Moult and feather loss

Spraddle leg

Egg Issues

Avian Pox

More on Pox

University of Minnesota: Poultry Diseases On-line Publications- links

Poultry Diseases

FDA Approved Animal Drug Products

Mites and Lice and other parasites

More on mites and lice and things that bite.

Avian Anatomy

This is a start of what we hope becomes a helpful resource. The list will grow and change over time.
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Re: Health Related Links - 12/06/06 08:04 PM

Dissected chicken - labeled - graphic

I think this is a dead end link. I sure would like to be able to see all the parts of a healthy chicken labeled. It would save my brain some aggravation at posting time.

Hopefully you can get it up and running soon.
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This site gives some instruction on PM's for chickens

This is another good site for information on PM's

I did have a site that showed you over 46 pictures of PM's and the organs associated with it .. but it has been removed from the Web... I do have these pictures on my computer (fortunately downloaded them when I found them)
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Re: Health Related Links - 12/07/06 04:28 PM

Blue Lace, thank you for pointing out the broken link. I am working on it. For now you might look in the "Beginners Links" in the Basic Poultry forum, there you will find a basic diagram of the external features of male and female chickens.
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Re: Health Related Links - 05/12/08 09:14 AM

This site gives withdrawal times after use of MANY drugs and treatments for livestock, including Poultry.
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Re: Health Related Links - 06/12/10 01:38 AM

If I can be of help to any of your poultry concerns, please visit my Website, and I'll try to respond to your problems as soon as possible free of charge. There are also some free technical information on my tid-bit section. I am a poultry veterinarian with 15 years of poultry, feed, and gamebird experiences in Africa, Asia, and the USA.

Poultry Doc
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A coloured book of infectious chicken diseases(very good pictures)