HELP ! ! prolapsed vent on 3 year old hen

Posted by: Mirsetha

HELP ! ! prolapsed vent on 3 year old hen - 02/22/08 03:44 PM

My 3 year old brown leghorn hen is having this problem of egg boundness or prolapsed vent. She does not lay eggs very often any more, but has started laying again which I was surprised. Found a frozen something or other hanging out of her today and got that off, but she still has not pooped much and is straining to do so. Have fed her olive oil and also oiled the vent with olive oil. She is in doors with us today as it is 24 degrees outside in Indiana today. She smells really bad too. confused Any suggestions? Will she be ok? I am a rookie. Thanks, patty
Posted by: Jocelyn

Re: HELP ! ! prolapsed vent on 3 year old hen - 02/23/08 06:20 AM

The frozen something or other might have been a soft shelled egg. She might be straining to pass the rest of it. You can give her a bottle cap of milk, most hens like that and drink it right up. The calcium in the milk will make passing the egg easier for her. You need to buy, or go to the shore for, some oyster shell. She needs to be able to eat it whenever she wants. You don't put it in her food, just leave it where she can eat it if she needs some. She will know how much to eat. I don't know if she will be OK, the bad smell could be egg rotting, or infection....and you won't know for a day or two. Keep her warm, let her sleep as much as she wants and feed oyster shell and good feed. All the best.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: HELP ! ! prolapsed vent on 3 year old hen - 02/23/08 05:51 PM

If you do not have an oyster shell, you can find it usually the same place you buy your chicken feed. You can also feed her egg-shells for calcium along with the milk. Crush up the egg-shells and put them where she can access it freely. It doesn't need to be alot, just have some available at all times, or until you get oyster shell.

I haven't had to deal with this yet, so my advice runs along with Jocelyn's. Keep her warm, well fed, as much oyster/egg shell she wants, and free access to water. Keep her in an area out of "traffic" in the house, so she won't stress as much.

I hope someone has better advice than myself. I hope it all works out for the best.

Fayetteville, NC