growth on chick

Posted by: Nikki

growth on chick - 07/20/02 04:13 AM

I have a Welsommer 3 wks old who is not growing like the others. And today I noticed it has a strange growth on its head, there are a few feathers growing out of it. The chick is eatting and drinking, but seems to be growing slow. Any idea's what it could be, I'm thinking of tyeing a string around the base of the growth to cut off the blood supply to it. The other chicks have picked it but not to the point where its bleeding, but I know I should do something before they get to that point.
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Re: growth on chick - 07/20/02 01:12 PM

Gee Nikki, I don't know what to say :-( I've heard of other people tying, to get things to fall off and this sure sounds like one approach.. I don't know of anything to put on it to get the others to not pick other than an anti-pick product.. would it be feasable to separate it? You could keekp it in something like a rabbit cage out at the coop (or wherever the rest are) so that it doesn't get lonely.. I hope it survives and with all the attention it'll be getting, be a great pet!
I also wanted to ask you where did you find welsommers?

Good luck with the little guy!
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Re: growth on chick - 07/20/02 06:48 PM

Hi Nikki-

I certainly am sorry about your chick. This is my first year with chicks. I bought 4 in May - 2 have turned out to cockerels (now known as the bad boys), one pullet has a twisted leg probably due to incubator problems (not marek's thank goodness) and the last pullet stopped growing at about 5 weeks old. She otherwise seemed OK until about her 7th week when she became increasingly lethargic. Finally she was looking so fragile and small compared to the others. I picked her up to examine her and then noticed a lump protruding between her vent and her tail. I assume it was a tumor- fairly large compared to her body mass. The next day she so slow and weak that I put her down. Until her last couple of days she was actually pretty spunky and wouldn't take any grief from the bad boys.

Hopefully your chick doesn't have something like that but I wanted to let you know how my experience with a non-grower went. Before the old board went down I know someone else had mentioned having a small chick. Perhaps he will see the topic and post about how his did.

Kari S.
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Re: growth on chick - 07/24/02 04:55 AM

Cochima I got mine from Sand Hill Preservation Center they don't have a web site yet but are working on one for the 2003 hatching season. They are very nice people to work with and are a small family run hatchery. They have rare and hard to find breeds plus a few of the more common breeds.
Here's their snail mail Sand Hill Preservation Center 1878 230th St., Calamus, Iowa 52729-9659 and email is The growth on my chick I'm kind of hopeing its a blocked feather, I'm going o hold off doing anything for a week an just keep my eye on it.
Kari thank you for the help with the password.
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Re: growth on chick - 07/24/02 07:20 AM

I had posted on the previous board (see the archives when they're back up) about a Speckled Sussex chick of mine that had a growth on her head. I separated her from the rest of the flock so she wouldn't get picked on or spread her ailment if it was contagious.

I doctored her from 3 weeks to 9 weeks with peroxide and neosporin. She would scratch the growth off and just when I thought she'd get through it another growth would start. She also had these "scabby" growths on her neck, wing joints, breastbone area, etc.

At the end it was clear that she wasn't growing and she had a strange "popcorn" or "dirty sock" smell about her.

We finally put her down. A tough but humane decision. She had a content life while she was here and that was about all we knew to do since we never were able diagnose what was wrong with her after many questions and much research.

Not to discourage you, just to relay my experience with what may be similar. I sincerely hope that your chick gets well.
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Re: growth on chick - 07/24/02 07:26 AM

Thank you Nikki, They are beautiful birds and I'd love to have some in my flock... is this your first go with welsommers or have you raised them before?
I hope that it is just a blocked feather on your little one and that it get's better in no time!!

And thans again for the information!!