Chick breathing rapidly

Posted by: Anonymous

Chick breathing rapidly - 05/09/05 12:05 PM

I have a one week old chick that is constantly breathing rapidly. It is eating and drinking fine and socializes well. It just gets tired quickly because of the breathing. I don't think it could be disease. The chick was hatched and brooding in the house - no drafts or cold. Could this be a case of immature lungs? And if it is, will it eventually get better? I don't really want to separate it from the others and cause more stress, it doesn't seem to be sick except for the breathing and it ccassionally pants. I don't think it's the temp of the heat lamp either because the other 12 chicks are just fine.
Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: Chick breathing rapidly - 05/12/05 04:40 PM

Is your chick doing any better? As you suggested it is probably a development issue. May or may not get better, only time will tell. Refrain from giving treats, just feed chick starter and maybe add poultry vitamins to its water.

Bill L
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Re: Chick breathing rapidly - 05/13/05 10:30 AM

Thanks for responding Bill. Yes, the chick is the same. In all other aspects it's just like the others, but breathing twice as fast. I'm going to leave it with the others I think. Don't want to add stress unnecessarily. Eating, drinking and socializing just fine. If it's a hen, I hope she lays. If it's a roo, I can't keep it anyway. Out of room!
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Re: Chick breathing rapidly - 05/27/05 12:07 PM

Well...bad news. The chick died on May 20th. It would have been three weeks old on the 22nd. Must have died while I was at work. Guess it wasn't meant to be. Just leaving an update. Thanks.