Emerald Green Poop

Posted by: Anonymous

Emerald Green Poop - 05/22/05 08:43 AM

We have six 7 week olds who have recently been given free range with our year-old hens & we have started seeing some emerald green poop. It does not look like diarrhea. Not sure which one(s) have it, but assume one of the chicks as it is smaller volume. There are 2 New Hampshire Reds, 2 Silver Lace Wyandottes, & 2 Ameraucanas.

They are all active & appear healthy. They have access to water in many places around the barn. They all eat starter food, plus whatever they find around the barn that appeals to them. They will also eat the hens' food, which is layer plus cracked corn, but mostly they eat starter/grower.

This may be an idiotic question, but could it be the Ameraucanas? They will lay green/blue eggs when they start to lay. Where does that color come from?

Posted by: Bill Ludwig

Re: Emerald Green Poop - 05/22/05 11:52 AM

The color in the droppings has to do with their diet. The color in their eggs has to do with their genetics. No conection. It is probably being cause by the change in diet.

Bill L
Posted by: Tucson Chickens

Re: Emerald Green Poop - 05/22/05 01:16 PM

My hens got into the alfalfa for my bunnies and thus had brigth neon green (emerald green) poop for awhile. I just figured they got a little extra ruffage those days.
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Re: Emerald Green Poop - 05/22/05 05:38 PM

Mystery solved, it's the alfalfa!!! We feed alfalfa to one of our horses. We just got some baby goats that had been fed alfalfa before we got them so we have been giving them some too. The chicks have been hanging out with the goats & pigs since the hens won't let them hang out with them.

Thanks so much!
Posted by: Mr. Magoo

Re: Emerald Green Poop - 05/22/05 07:22 PM

good observation.