Raspy sounding rooster

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Raspy sounding rooster - 01/16/07 03:13 PM

Hi, I have a rooster that has been raspy or gurgly sounding on and off for several years. I have treated him with antibiotics and they don't seem to work so apparently it is not a regular respitory problem. He has sounded bad for close to a year now. He seems to feel well, eats well and looks good. What could be causing this problem? None of the hens have had this problem and they are closed up at night with him. Is there such a thing as alergys, Asthma etc in poultry? There is straw in the bottom of the coop at night. Any ideas would really be appreciated. Thanks, Jeannie
Posted by: Joachim Dippold

Re: Raspy sounding rooster - 01/16/07 03:40 PM

Hello Jeannie,

sounds familiar to me, could be lung-worms? We noticed a gurgling sound after Fridolin´s crow and called the only vet we knew back then. This was a bad mistake, this vet made the wrong diagnosis and we almost lost Fridolin. To make a long story short the treatment did cost us 1,300.00 bucks and there was absolutly NO change for the better so we decided to scratch together our last money and drove Fridolin to a vet specialized in birds one full tank away. This vet took a probe from Fridolin´s mouth and saw at once under the microscope the worms. These worms are easy to see said the vet and there were LOTS of them.

The new treatment did stop the worms from spreading, and this almost-too-late treatment saved his life! But: the gurgling (because of his damaged lungs due to the lung-worms which were "in him" too long) is chronically ever since then;-( At least the gurgling didn´t get worse, so we´re rather content.

One year later we decided to let Fridolin be checked again by the vet for lung-worms: negative;-) No worms, but still this gurgling.

Hope it helps,

best greetings,

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Re: Raspy sounding rooster - 01/16/07 07:18 PM

My black star wheezes hen she gets excited or takes dust baths, but I thought it was from amnonia exposure at her last home. It could be lung worms, I suppose, because diatomaceous earth only gets rid of intestinal parasites. I hadn't considered that.

I am really inspired by your dedication to you chicken, joachimdippold. I am so glad he pulled though. Why can't vets learn something about chickens or birds at all?
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Re: Raspy sounding rooster - 01/17/07 01:17 AM

Hello Ordelia,

yep, same here. When Fridolin gets excited or crows or runs too fast he´s gurgling. I think it it because he needs more air then. He is exhausted more early, too.

We´re also happy Fridolin made it;-) And we´re glad we finally found a vet that is more of our liking. If we find something new online we print it out for him. The vets before were jeaulous/grieved when we brought them some information from "others".

Best greetings,