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RED FACIAL AREA - 07/28/02 06:54 PM

Hi guys.
My girls that i got as pullets, now about 6 months old. all around there eyes are turning red
I noticed this about 1 of them but I went out today and they all seem to be turning a bright red colour in there facial area. Is this normal with maturity or is there a problem? the hens are a (hi-brid) hen and they do not apear to be ill.
Thanks for any help..
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Re: RED FACIAL AREA - 07/28/02 07:33 PM

Reddening of the comb, wattles and facial area are all signs of sexual maturity. This is normally seen in production fowl about 16 to 18 weeks of age. Standard bred chickens can mature later.
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Re: RED FACIAL AREA - 07/29/02 05:23 PM

Thank you, that helps alot! I was a bit worried when I went out and 8 of the gals all turned that coulor over
thanks again for you time. smile