Geese and Chickens together?

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Geese and Chickens together? - 07/27/02 11:02 AM

I am thinking about getting a pair of geese and was wondering if there are any health risks by having them in the same house BUT they WOULD be SEPERATED at all times ( My mom and dad don't want another building for geese). I have heard that they should not be mixed to gether because of some diesese. What diesese is this and how do you prevent it?
Any help would be nice. Lauren
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Re: Geese and Chickens together? - 07/27/02 01:23 PM

Lauren, In my book 'Raising Poultry Successfully' by Will Graves, he says that geese are the most hardy of all domestic poultry and he can't think of a single disease that is likely to affect a small farm flock... (I highly recommend the book! - $9.95 at most book stores)
You may be thinking of turkeys, which can get blackhead from bacteria in chicken poop, but this is usually found in large flocks... It has also been suggested that turkeys may prevent Mareks disease in chickens... so,
In my humble opinion, if you have the space for both....

In the book I mentioned he lists potential problems that can occur with geese as well as all the benefits...

Good Luck!!
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Re: Geese and Chickens together? - 07/27/02 01:31 PM

Best goose book out is'raising geese" by Dave Holderread, probably the most knowledgable waterfowl guy around.
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Re: Geese and Chickens together? - 07/27/02 05:47 PM

This is probably not the right thread to state this but I would back up cochima on Marek's and turkeys. I use to have Marek's in my flocks but have not (yet) seen a case since 1984, which is just a few years after I started raising turkeys (other than for butchering). I don't raise geese with other fowl because the geese are too messy AND bossy to boot! Even the guneas stay out of their way. But I'll agree here, that disease transmission is probably not an issue.
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Re: Geese and Chickens together? - 07/27/02 06:44 PM

Thanks for the info so far. I am thinking about Sebastopals and have heard that they are not as aggresive in comparison to most Aficans.
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Re: Geese and Chickens together? - 07/28/02 06:52 AM

One more thing. They pair of geese would be out all day, but how much room would they need in the coop at night?
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Re: Geese and Chickens together? - 07/28/02 09:43 AM

If you put them in at sundown and let them out early in the morning, they don't need that much room. It's like you going to bed at night. smile But if you figure you might occasionally be leaving them in during the daytime, then they'd need more room. I'd give them 5 sq' each for night time, and double or even triple that for an occasional daytime coop. If they were in there ALL the time, I wouldn't hesitate to say a pair of geese should have a minimum of 100sq' and up from there.