Youth Poultry Showing

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Youth Poultry Showing - 06/25/05 01:38 PM

Hello members, we often have young folks come to us seeking information on how to show their birds for 4-H and county fairs etc. I have from time to time seen links to sites on this topic but have not saved any. If anyone has a resource on this please post the link in this thread and I will make a feature topic on this.

This will be for youth showing only so keep that in mind. I am looking for links to resources or quoted instruction from accepted text only for this featured post. If you have advice and comments on this topic please post that directly to those seeking information.

I would like to thank everyone in our community for making the classroom the great place it is.
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Re: Youth Poultry Showing - 06/27/05 05:01 AM

The following web address is an interview with a young girl discussing preparation and showing her chicken.

Also, Gail Damerow wrote a book titled:Your Chickens-A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing
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Re: Youth Poultry Showing - 06/27/05 08:12 AM

Good morning M2, well......... I hold the position of Chair for the Dutch Bantam Clubs youth program. I was asked to take the position due to the fact I have raised all my children in 4-h for the last 15 years. So this gives me some insight into the program, and has kept me busy with the kids. As you may know I breed and exhibit fowl that keeps me in direct contact with the youth that are interested in the hobby. With all that said I will post some very important links that many of the kids will find interesting and may desire to join some of our organizations for further study and support. At the very bottom I will post the url to my web address where they can find all sorts of print outs to 4-h clip art for projects. I have collected a vast assortment of poultry materials over the years and anyone can feel free to email me if they are looking for supportive materials.

Great site with tons of materials

4-h Embryology in the Classroom teachers and students Page

Penn State has done a great job for the kids!

Kids Page

All About Ducks for Kids & Teachers another resousefull site

All About Ducks for Kids

Avian classroom fantastic from Purdue
Avian Classroom

The APA & ABA youth Program
Great program if you are seeking an active program with areas that are age focused

Youth Program

Poultry Youth of America
Site and message board just for kids in the fancy. Many of the kids I have come to know over the internet frequent this forum along with my co-chair of the Dutch club. I visit occasionally but I am a bit older than the average member LOL great bunch of kids there!

Poultry Youth of America

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Re: Youth Poultry Showing - 06/28/05 02:30 PM

Deb, Our children have loved raising our chickens and enjoy going online to learn more and are wanting to show theirs. The links you provided were great. Our only problem was the link for the Avian Classroom takes you to the duck page listed before this link.
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Re: Youth Poultry Showing - 07/02/05 05:19 PM

Thanks for the help. I will put something together when I get a chance.
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Re: Youth Poultry Showing - 08/20/12 09:16 AM

You can learn a lot at Lots of basics for preparing for show, the show dates and showmanship tips. I think you'll like it.