poultry show software

Posted by: Anonymous

poultry show software - 06/29/08 09:55 AM

I'm in hopes someone here can help me. I have a show program which I have been using for coming up on 13 years. I pretty much like it but it is really a dinosaur in DOS. None of the printers I have checked out are compatible with DOS and this is a necessity to get coop tag labels, judging sheets and all that stuff printed. I did find a program a few years back and bookmarked it but that was 2 computers ago and have lost the bookmark and have no idea where to find it again. It would help if I could remember the name but I don't!

Anyway if any of you folks have any leads you can give me I would appreciate it. I do the Frederick, MD and the Susquehanna shows as well as our county fair. I would love to get new software before the old printer I'm nursing along gives out on me!!!

Thanks a lot.

Posted by: tagra123

Re: poultry show software - 05/28/14 06:04 AM

I know this is an older post, but our show used the poultry show manager from http://poultrysites.com