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Splash - 03/13/13 06:53 AM

In Australia Splash birds are not permitted to be shown and I was wondering if this is the case world wide ? If not could some one please direct me to colour standards any breed will do many thanks jonny
Posted by: CJR

Re: Splash - 03/13/13 07:24 AM

In US/CA, the "American" Old English Game Bantam ---is approved in Splash variety. It is a BlueXBlue genetically and plumage is White and blue only., not in defined pattern.

The Standard language is in the ABA SOP book. It does not fit other breeds, at least I have never seen any others at shows-to that Standard.

In our Dutch Bantams, we raise Blue Light Brown (Blue Partridge, Blauw Patrijs)
Splash. They are "no two alike" cockerels, white, red, orange, yellow, blue, black assortments. Some are Clowns, some are very attractive and a hint of the Red Shouldered White (Red Pile). Females are also not uniform, but most are close to Pile females. (Vulwuit, in Dutch, dirty white). They can be shown, but can only win or place in their "Splash" Class, and can really be judged only on Dutch type--as they have no Standard color or pattern. Do not know of other breeds that show Splash (any form), but they are very useful for breeding birds. CJR
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Re: Splash - 04/29/13 11:30 PM

You can show Splashes in Ag Shows under AOC, just not in Poultry Club shows run under EPA Rules in Australia.