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NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/11/12 09:04 PM

Hi All,

I've put together the basic framework for a poultry genetics Wiki at

There is a fantastic amount of information and experience captured in the threads of this board and I'd like to have it curated into an easy to navigate site. I believe this will help further The Coop's mission of educating the poultry community, and I hope it will also help attract others interested in poultry genetics to the conversations here.

If you re not familiar with a Wiki, it is a framework that allows community members to easily create and cross reference content. Contributor's can add and edit content, including text, links and images. The idea is for the content to grow organically based on contributor’s knowledge and interests, with the community editing for style and accuracy. I've installed WikiMedia which is the same software used to power Wikipedia.

I would like to invite anyone interested in participating to let me know and I'll grant you acces to work on the page.

  1. Create an account -
  2. Email me at lhadley at and let me know who you are, what your account name is and that it is ready

I've kept access by "invite" to assure that the folks involved are part of the community and to avoid spam.

At this point, the content and approach is open to discussion and evolution. I initially envision an intro section covering basic genetics and terminology, a detailed directory of gene types (restrictors, melanizers etc.) and the alleles involved, and is perhaps a discussion of color patterns and breeds from a genetic perspective. In addition, a discussion of breeding techniques might make sense - line breeding, in-breeding out-breeding, what makes sense and how to develop a solid breeding program.

What actually develops will be up to you. For now it will be public, but not publicized. I'm working on a complete revamp of the main Coop page and when we have some content in place, I'll publically promote the wiki.

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll get you started as soon as I can. we'll need both content experts as well as conscientious editors and community members to insure the integrity of the information

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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/12/12 03:20 AM

I registered... wink
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/12/12 03:36 AM

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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/13/12 03:24 AM

Wiki are high on references. Are our own findings valid references?
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/13/12 08:14 AM

My goal is to help interested people understand poultry genetics as they apply to breeding. When we first started breeding Barred Plymouth Rocks, it was extremely difficult to find information on how the pattern worked. The successful breeders we spoke with were practitioners of the “Art” of breeding rather than the “Science” of breeding. Even knowing that the gene was sex linked was confounding as what we were seeing in actual breeding seemed counter to that. We eventually found the key in the Z/W vs. X/Y in a very old breeding book. My hope is that this information will help those new to poultry breeding better understand what they are doing, and offer the experienced breeder the opportunity to go a little deeper.

While the work embodied in the Coop threads may not be as rigorous as a commercial or academic study, it does represent very real research in the Mendelian tradition. Is everything correct? Probably not, but through the process of amateur breeding experiments and the sharing and peer review of the findings, I expect that it is continually improving My guess would be that the combined experience of the breeders like those participating in The Coop represent some of the deepest understanding of poultry color genetics that is currently available.

I see the Poultry Genetics Wiki as a way to codify this understanding for education and review.
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/14/12 10:48 PM

Thanks Loren
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/15/12 07:50 AM

I will add wiki format punnett square output to my genetic calculator(s)
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/18/12 12:11 PM

Hi All,
Things are looking good. It feels like we have a good framework coming together.

Any questions, comments or things we should discuss?

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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 11/30/12 10:17 AM

To the folks who recently created user accounts on the Poultry Genetics WIKI, I've added editor rights so you should be able to add and edit content now.

To anyone interested in contributing, please shoot me an email at lhadley at when you sign up and I'll get you set up as soon as possible.

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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 12/02/12 02:32 AM

For references we would need the cite extension.
I made a template ref for now.

Results in a numbered link in superscript. IE9 messes up the arrow icon (not shown below) but chrome does it OK.


Results in:

If a fact needs a reference use {{needsref}}
Results in:

The "?" can be clicked in the wiki and opens a dedicated general "needs reference" page.

If your fact has a dedicated wiki page use {{internalref|pagetitle}} eg Test{{internalref|Henk69}}
Results in:

Clicking on "Henk69" would open a dedicated wiki page. Each user could make one eg for their own experiences or opinions. This does not overwrite your profile or anything.

I have added a few more:
would lead to a dedicated personal opinion page for Henk69

would lead to a dedicated personal findings page for Henk69
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 04/23/13 01:14 AM

Loren, this project is not forgotten... wink
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 05/17/13 01:56 PM

there is have any genticed good book online on net ?
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 05/17/13 03:22 PM

While I could never be a contributor, I am waiting to be a student/reader. CJR
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Re: NEW - Poultry Genetics Wiki - 07/17/13 08:13 PM

Me too CJR