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Helpful Links - 02/10/05 01:53 PM

Genetics page by KazJaps
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Re: Helpful Links - 11/13/07 12:35 PM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals)
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The Chicken color calculator.

This topic covers features and updates:

Coop topic

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Smyth J.R. Genetics of plumage, skin, and pigmentation in chickens. In: Crawford R.D, editor. Poultry breeding and genetics. Elsevier Science; New York, NY: 1990.

Above link no longer working. Try this one. It appears to be a cross reference
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I've uploaded all my old The Coop photos at the following Photobucket link:

So if you come across my posts with broken links to photos, you can try the above to view the images.

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Didn't there use to be a link to some of the old forum threads? Specifically I recall reading a comment by Dr Okimoto about exhibition black silkies probably being E^R, and was trying (unsuccessfully) to find the thread.
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Link to the archives is at the top of the Board Guidelines forum.
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The original is gone, but (wayback machine) have copies.

Captures 2008...
Classroom @ The Coop: Old Board forum

*Note, the new forum started in 2002. The old one was not contributed to/updated after this (2002).

p.s., when using the current forum "search function", keep in mind that Ron Okimoto went by two different user names:
From 2002: R. Okimoto
From 2006 - 2007: Ron O.
* In the search window, need to include the punctuation marks (full stops) in the Display Name Search text box, for all posts to be displayed.

Actually, it was weird - his original username was rokimoto, but this was messed up, changed with the current forum format.
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For printing pedigrees in this sub board:

My punnett square generator and advanced chicken calculator can generate html as well
(print to image BETA)
(tabpage report)

The html can be "activated" by a moderator.