Dusting with Chicks?

Posted by: NW Chix

Dusting with Chicks? - 03/15/09 02:58 AM

I have a hen with one-week old chicks. While she was setting, I checked her for mites. I checked her again yesterday, and while I saw no mites, I thought I saw some lice eggs. (She is white and was rather squirmy, so I will check again in the morning to be sure.) At any rate, she is somewhat "unthrifty."

If she does have mites or lice, what would be the best way to treat her without causing any ill effects to the chicks? I conducted a search and did not find much on this topic. I handle the chicks every day, and they seem to be fine so far. I've read that some people use pet store spray (either bird or dog and cat) and others use Sevin powder for taking care of the lice. I have some powder from the feed store that has worked for mites in the past. But what would be both effective and safe with the chicks?

I currently have mom and chicks in my greenhouse in the large plastic tub I use for a brooder. Temperatures were quite low for several days, but now that they are above freezing, I will be moving them to my small coop. I will give them a new cardboard nesting box with clean shavings. I do have diatomaceous earth and can dust the coop, but am dubious about the effectiveness of dusting the hen with it if she already has lice. I'll add a box of sand for dust-bathing too, but it's still too cold for any of them to wander too far from the nest box.
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Re: Dusting with Chicks? - 03/15/09 07:42 AM

search past threads for Eprinex.
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Re: Dusting with Chicks? - 03/16/09 09:46 PM

Thanks. I'll order some tonight. Must be good stuff if it makes uno do the happy-dance. (Hopefully in gum boots and flowered apron.)

Next question: Can I use Eprinex on chicks, should I need to? If so, how young and how much? Oh, and should I apply it just once, or wait ten days and apply it again?
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Re: Dusting with Chicks? - 03/17/09 08:36 AM

I would not apply any dust or spray to the chicks. If you dust the hen, the chicks will get a little from her when they go underneath. It is easy to see any on chicks. Check vents.
I do not use Eprinex or others of the products, not yet approved for chickens, having killed a "best ever" cock, when a few extra drops slipped onto him, although I tried to blot the excess immediately, and I had used it successfully for 3-4 months. When it is approved for chickens, I will certainly go that way again--but meantime, it is just Sevin 5 Dust--and for some unknown reason, only 4 birds (in 2 different pens) have had any mites (no lice) this winter! It is usually a pretty continual treatment to keep them free--for a few months at a time--but I will still monitor what folks are doing with likes of Eprinex! Good luck, CJR
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Re: Dusting with Chicks? - 03/17/09 07:19 PM


Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry about the loss of your rooster, but do appreciate the information on Eprinex. So it would be okay to dust the hen without the dust harming the chicks? That was my original question. I don't think I need to dust the chicks, but I can see from my original post that I wasn't that clear about that. And as for Sevin 5 Dust, isn't that the gardening dust that you can get at Walmart? And it is approved for poultry? Or is there a poultry version somewhere?
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Re: Dusting with Chicks? - 08/10/16 08:59 PM

Funny, I was searching for something else regarding chicks and ended up finding this. What I ended up doing was to give the hen a bath with a mild flea shampoo. I did it using warm water with the chicks nearby under a heat lamp and used a blow dryer to dry her off quickly, which she actually loved. She seemed much happier afterwards and I made a dust bath with sand for her to use afterwards, which she did. That way I was able to get rid of her bugs without exposing the chicks to any chemicals. Here it is seven years later--she's 11 years old with a new batch of chicks, and I think I will be doing the same thing once the temps get hotter in the next couple of days.