Posted by: ThatColloncaGuy

Colloncas! - 02/19/17 04:05 PM

Greetings to all! I am actively breeding Colloncas. These birds are the sweetest birds I've ever raised. I don't wish to argue "true collonca" with anyone. What I'm raising are clean-faced, rumpless blue egg laying sweethearts that any true believer will love! I'd post pictures, but I cannot find a way to upload pics here. If anyone is interested or can help me post pics, I'll be happy to share.


Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: Colloncas! - 03/04/17 08:27 AM

Welcome to the coop.
To start with you should register with one of the image hosting sites , like or any other you can find (with photobucket having reputation for being most reliable, although heavily loaded with adds). Then you can paste the address to your pictures in your text.