kosova longcrower

Posted by: lekiqi

kosova longcrower - 02/28/17 04:44 AM

Hi i'm New here
i am from antwerp belgium and looking for kosova longcrower chickens or egs?
my english is not so good but i try.
can someone to help for find this chickens?
thank you
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: kosova longcrower - 03/03/17 05:33 AM

Hi, I have never heard about anybody on this forum who breeds them.
You could try to visit one of the bigger poultry shows in Holland or Germany and contact the people who show them?

Like this one?

Posted by: Smooth Mule

Re: kosova longcrower - 03/30/17 08:50 AM

There is a longcrowers of the world group on Facebook. There are some good resources there.
I raise Tomaru from a Dutch imported line
Posted by: Smooth Mule

Re: kosova longcrower - 02/18/18 08:27 AM

There is a breeder of the Sanjak Longcrowers in Austria. I've hatched some this year from him. They are related to the Kosovo. Message me and I can try to connect you with him