Avgen Poultry

Posted by: Redcap

Avgen Poultry - 03/04/17 03:20 PM

I know that there were Rare Chicken breed imports to Australia from Great Britain some years ago.
One of the first ended up in a disaster due to a salmonella infection.
But in the meanwhile there must have been follow ups which were successful. At least this site offers offspring from breeders, who I know from Britain.

I just wanted to save it as reference.
Posted by: Hen-Gen

Re: Avgen Poultry - 03/15/17 01:56 AM

Very interesting, Recap. Some rare breeds there, even in this country.

On a purely personal note the most aggressive cockerel that I have ever owned was a Black Hamburg. No messing around with my legs. It flew straight up whenever it saw me and tried to rake my face with its spurs. I had to go into its pen with a protective dust bin lid rather like a Roman gladiator.
Hope this aggression is not a breed characteristic!
Posted by: Wieslaw

Re: Avgen Poultry - 03/15/17 01:03 PM

750 $ a trio of Vorwerks? It's a lot of money in Danish Kroner.
Posted by: Redcap

Re: Avgen Poultry - 03/15/17 03:23 PM

After this odyssey it is cheap to pay this prize.
Prior to these imports they tested possible flocks in Britain, whether they are disease free, then they collected eggs from disease-free flocks, which were hatched in quarantine. These birds were selected again and they produced hatching eggs and offspring for the export. So they spend more than one Year for such an import. The finally imported birds have been kept in quarantine on a island close to Australia for 3 or 4 weeks before the were released to the mainland. Each import costs about 500000 AUD, as mentioned in the article above.