Red Columbian Wyandottes

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Red Columbian Wyandottes - 04/07/18 01:24 AM

Some of you may already know I have been involved in trying to create a Red Columbian Wyandotte, and have this year begun to see the end of the tunnel. Love an opinion on what I have achieved.


I'm particulary interested in the pullet in the last three photos and what you think. She's just started laying. (not the more ginger one. They've ended up out of order
Jasper is F1 pullet I have bred on from. Note she had black legs, but those have gone in the resulting generations.
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 04/07/18 03:26 PM

Let me know if you can't see these. and I'll find another way.
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 04/07/18 05:27 PM

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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 04/08/18 05:23 AM

Hopefully they will show now.
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 04/09/18 09:19 PM

Looking good!
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 05/17/18 05:53 PM

Then out of the blue comes this one! One of the nice unexpected happenings when you breed for colour. [img][/img]
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 07/01/19 02:01 AM

I'm into my 5th year of breeding red columbian wyandottes and have been thinking I should do a test mating on an outcross to gauge colour fastness and to improve their combs a little. (some are a bit like Redcaps) What would you suggest I try? My kept roosters are now all related to the hens. I've been thinking GLW but I don't know enough about genetics and how they effect various attributes, so don't know if this is the right mating. I don't want to end up with lacing bleeding back through the colour for instance, since it has taken a while to get rid of it through my crosses. What would be the best boy to cross with my red columbian girls to get better combs? I don't have the option of breeding any other Red Colombians as no-one else I have found, breeds them in NZ Only the bantam variety are here but I also don't want to downsize my girls either as size and type are good.
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 07/21/19 01:23 AM

Well in the absence of any other response I would say mate a Red Columbian cockerel to normal Silver Columbian hens. The hens will come some shade of red/gold Columbian. The cockerels from this mating would be silver carrying gold and should be discarded.
So long as you choose Columbians with good combs this should help you advance.
As you say, to use GLW would set you back.

I have no doubt that my post will elicit some responses.
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 07/25/19 01:22 AM

Thanks Hen-Gen. Do you mean something like a Light Sussex? We are a bit limited in NZ for breeds although I do know someone who bred some wyandottes but that was a few years ago and he was trying to breed a blue egg gene into them.
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Re: Red Columbian Wyandottes - 07/25/19 08:58 AM

Yes, I fully understand the limitations of breeds available in NZ. Even here in the UK I have to buy Barred Rocks to perpetuate my Dominiques because this breed is virtually unobtainable as are LF Barred Wyandottes.
The problem with Light Sussex are that they are white skinned and based upon the wheaten gene. In your position I would outcross to Rhode Island Reds in order to maintain the colour and the yellow skin and to maintain vigour. These do come in a rose combed variant though maybe not in NZ. In any case the rose combed gene is dominant to the single combed gene you will still get rose combed young. Admittedly RIRs are also on the wheaten gene and so may not have the desired colour of under fluff but you have to work with what you can get.
Good luck!