Muscovy Colour

Posted by: Wyandotte

Muscovy Colour - 10/04/08 03:53 AM

What is the difference between chocolate and dun colour in Muscovies? Is there anyway of creating a brown colour, whatever you call it in Muscovies?

Posted by: Rusty Hart

Re: Muscovy Colour - 10/04/08 07:19 AM

To get a chocolate need to have a chocolate or something that carries chocolate. Males can be one color and carry other colors....females are what they are. But...both sexes can carry different patterns in their background if it's in their genetic, Rippled, Barred, Pastel, White Head...etc....At one time I had over 30 mutations and combinations of colors and patterns in got to be TOO Much!!! Hope this helps, Regards, Rusty
Posted by: Smooth Mule

Re: Muscovy Colour - 05/29/14 08:49 PM

I know this is a very old thread but I'd like to revive it to discuss Muscovy color genetics, learn about duck down color as it relates to mature feathering and learn more about breeding to perfect color.
Posted by: OmegaBlueFarms

Re: Muscovy Colour - 08/13/14 06:52 AM

Got any specific questions? Could write a book on the topic but don't think this would be the best place to publish it, LOL.

As for initial question, I'm not aware of a dun gene in muscovies, but maybe if a picture was given, I could deduce the genetics.