Can Pheasants or Chukars be kept with Chickens?

Posted by: JoeG

Can Pheasants or Chukars be kept with Chickens? - 11/16/11 11:26 AM

I Plan to get 2 Guinea Hens, 1 Rooster and 9 Chickens of assorted kinds. I am new to this. I have a Rabbit Hutch Built for two rabbits off the front, This wouldn't be a permanent Set up but could they be kept together for a little while, I am only thinking of getting a couple Pheasant or Chukars not both. Could they eat the same foods?
I do not plan on getting all of these birds, Just looking into option on birds that could be kept with my Chickens if I do Decide to add some. I do Plan to make an addition to my coop or build another.
Posted by: CJR

Re: Can Pheasants or Chukars be kept with Chickens? - 11/16/11 04:48 PM

Temperament and diseases risks make mixing domestic and wild fowl a poor choice for a healthy happy feathered project. Zoos keep theirs separately, as housing, feed requirement are different. In most situations, it would be a short term pleasure. "For a little while" would likely mean that the pheasants would kill the young chickens, the Guineas would harass all of them. Even assorted chickens can be a problem, if you choose crested birds to keep with some other breeds.

Until you have separate housing for each kind, you would be well to learn the care (and enjoyment) of poultry with just a few birds of one breed, and wait until you have additional housing and pasture for others. Meantime, visit a Poultry Show, if you can, and browse the many breeds to choose just one to start with. And be SURE your rabbits are both does or both bucks, as you would soon need another hutch or hutches (as the buck will kill the kits, if not removed from thier Nesting hutch!) I just hate to see new pets have or cause distress and sadness if not researched well before they have tragic ends. You have done well to ask--and others may have more answers for you, also. Good luck, CJR
Posted by: JoeG

Re: Can Pheasants or Chukars be kept with Chickens? - 11/19/11 07:35 PM

My GF used to show Rabbits so those on for her she knows about them. I was just wondering how it worked if I wanted to mix, I will most likely stick to Chickens.
Posted by: Angela Stanley

Re: Can Pheasants or Chukars be kept with Chickens? - 08/20/12 09:43 AM

I can tell you that the chukars and pheasants have to be kept separate. They are not an easy keep like chickens and guineas. They require a lot time, care and special accomodations.

The chukars can be aggressive, and the pheasants need special care for their plumage. Different feed.

For years, I kept separate pens, and I can tell you that it is a tremendous amount of work...which quickly overshadows any pleasure that you may get from them. The cost of feed is also a BIG thing with game birds.

Guineas are just annoying. They will pick on your chickens, but since there are only two of them, you should be alright. If you see them harrassing the smaller birds, and your rooster is not aggressive enough to keep them away, you may have to get rid of them. Time will tell. It's worth a shot.