First Quail

Posted by: Dustin Biery

First Quail - 05/03/06 12:52 PM

Can anyone give me any pointer on raising quail? I will be getting quail that are 2-5 days old. Is there anything special that I need to know. I am currently raising chickens, but I am not really sure about quail.
Posted by: Jeep

Re: First Quail - 05/04/06 08:18 AM

I put small stones in the water dish so they can't drown. Also, some people I know will use old water troughs to raise them in. They don't have corners where the quail can pile up on top of one another and end up suffocating the ones on the bottom. Be sure they have space around the perimeter from their heat source. And yes, they can jump out, so either have a lid, or very high sides. laugh
Posted by: Angela Stanley

Re: First Quail - 05/22/06 10:33 PM

Be sure and feed them the correct feed. This is very important. Quail will canabalize each other if they do not have enough protein in their diet. You don't want to come home one day and find that they have eaten each other's legs and eyes....It happens. Buy a good quality gamebird starter. Don't try to grow them out on chicken feed. At six weeks, put them on game bird breeder. (I'm assuming that you have coturnix which mature at six weeks.) You can wait a bit longer on bobwhites and other crested.
Hatching and growing quail is always an experience! Good luck!
Posted by: Dustin Biery

Re: First Quail - 05/23/06 11:23 AM

No , I am raising bob whites. I started out with 25 and now after a month, I am down to around 15. I have done all the above and am not having very good luck with them. But it seems that about 5-7 of them are not maturing as fast as the others. They are all supposed to be the same size, but I dont know for sure. Any other info would be appreciated.
Posted by: Angela Stanley

Re: First Quail - 05/27/06 07:58 PM

Bobwhite are very slow to mature....that's why I don't bother with them. They also don't do well in large numbers. They fight to much and kill each other. Quite'll probably lose more. Are they Great Northerns, or Speckled?
Posted by: Dustin Biery

Re: First Quail - 05/30/06 10:12 AM

They are great northerns. Since my last post I have lost five more. So now I have 10 out of 25. Starting to be able to tell some of the roosters from the hens.
Posted by: Angela Stanley

Re: First Quail - 05/31/06 11:13 AM

Males will have white chins, and females chins will be brown. Easy to tell. Females will be somewhat smaller. Break them up into smaller more then two or three males in each.
Posted by: Angela Stanley

Re: First Quail - 05/31/06 11:15 AM

Just a note:
You can turn them out if you have the proper ground coverage. I have re-populated my farm, and the neighbors. I have several coveys reproducing now. I can even coax them up close enough to see them.
Make sure that you keep them in your birds in seclusion.
Posted by: Dustin Biery

Re: First Quail - 06/13/06 09:22 PM

Do they easily catch diseases from other birds?
Posted by: Angela Stanley

Re: First Quail - 06/15/06 09:47 AM

Not that I am aware of. They seem to be thriving right now. I turned that last batch out two summers ago, so they are definately reproducing.
Posted by: Jeep

Re: First Quail - 08/03/06 01:46 PM

It would be safe in assuming they'd like a couple of females around!! They will pair up. Just be sure they have alot of space. Come spring they will be chasing each other all over the place. I keep my quail in the day yard and have set up three separate piles of pine limbs for them to shelter in, and lay their eggs. The day yard is 20x90.
Posted by: Dustin Biery

Re: First Quail - 08/07/06 01:04 AM

Make sure that the hen has a place to get away from the rooster. He will ride them to death. A friend of mine started out with 6 hens and a rooster, and he killed all but one of them. Tears nasty spots on the back of their heads.
Posted by: Jeep

Re: First Quail - 08/07/06 09:48 PM

Well I for one, never had any male "hound" my females. I had four pair living in my day yard. While there was some 'bickering' between them, I never saw any serious spats. I have had several escape, so I am now down to 2 females, one male, 9 (pre)adults, and one Cortunix. Maybe your friend had them in to small an area. Either way, if you've got a male that nasty, get rid of it...don't need a male till next year anyway!
Posted by: Sally

Re: First Quail - 08/22/06 08:25 PM

I just hatched some quail this week....XXXJumbo's. I guess they are Jumbo Bobwhites....not up on the names and lingo..LOL
anyways, 12 hatched and all doing great, however, unlike the chicks of other poultry, these were not liking the footing I provided until I put chaf hay into pen!! that was the ticket for sure. I feed 30% gamebird to all my chicks of every kind. the quail get mayo jar lids for waterers as they love to play in the water also and this will keep them safe. I also have a lot of grass going to seed and the argentina bahia gets little black seeds on them when mature and the chicks go ape for them.
tonight I had 1 baby duck hatch and it is in with the quail peeps hahahahaha what a hoot it is!!
there is always a light on for heat and to keep them eating and growing as much as possible as fast as possible.
Posted by: footballnathan

Re: First Quail - 04/09/12 02:30 PM

i hatched 75 northern a month ago im down to 65 bobwhite fight thats just something that happens mine have plenty of space and are happy they mature at 8-10 weeks so be patient
Posted by: footballnathan

Re: First Quail - 04/09/12 02:40 PM

can anyone in california help me find mexican specaled bobwhite quail and gambels quail for a good price plz and thank you
Posted by: Ted_D

Re: First Quail - 06/05/12 08:35 PM

I built a Johnny House. The top hold a few birds and the bottom has a door. The ones in the bottom leave the house everyday and are called back by the ones in the top. Then I have about 100 Gambel Escapee's. Doesn't work with them.