Silver Dutch wanted

Posted by: ruffled_feathers

Silver Dutch wanted - 01/04/14 09:05 AM

I've recently fallen for silver dutch bantams - from afar, since there are no breeders locally. I would like to find some, adult pairs, a trio, or hatching eggs. In reasonable travel or shipping distance from Colorado. If you have any or know someone who does, please respond!
Posted by: CJR

Re: Silver Dutch wanted - 01/06/14 12:37 PM

The Silvers in Dutch, lost quality, partly because of lack of knowledge breeding both DUTCH and Silvers, so few are avaiable--still, there should be some really correct and beautiful Silvers available later this year, from members of the Dutch Bantam Society. Keep checking--will hope for more dedicated breeders of Silvers, as they are such truly lovely bantams! Good luck. CJR
Posted by: Appyjumpindaze

Re: Silver Dutch wanted - 03/08/14 12:08 AM

Any of the Missouri breeders have the silvers, CJR? Wouldn't mind adding those!
Posted by: CJR

Re: Silver Dutch wanted - 03/09/14 09:22 AM

Hard to obtain. Several Dutch Bantam Society members are hoping to increase their numbers and that this breeding season will have them available.