Silver Dutch?

Posted by: dainironfoot

Silver Dutch? - 02/27/15 09:24 PM

Hello, I know that this has been asked here several times but does anyone know of any silver Dutch available? I have cream light Browns but have always been in love with the silvers. I would be interested in chicks,adults, or eggs. I've been looking for two years and am getting desperate! Thanx in advance,

Posted by: CJR

Re: Silver Dutch? - 02/28/15 09:28 PM

I waited 3 years for my first Dutch, so be patient, wanted Silvers, but none were available at the time. The Silver Dutch have been largely "lost" to folks who are not members of the Dutch Bantam Society, who do not breed for sale (*advertising,ei.Poulry Press,) or Show their birds, so no one knows who has/had them. For special birds, like Silver Dutch, you must stay "connected". I know of 2 breeders, with waiting lists--would never sell chicks or eggs, as every hatch has good/better/best, and it take several months and costly feeding and management, to know this. They are not hatched in large numbers at a time.--They are so beautiful, if correct, and I hope they will be more easily available in time??? Keep in touch.
Posted by: bkauz

Re: Silver Dutch? - 03/04/15 06:08 PM

I have pure silver dutch i got from lejean marshall and cjr is right i need to join the club can you send me a link to join please i dont have any right now but should have some in the fall