Posted by: Maria Ricardo

Balut - 06/14/11 11:08 PM

Has anyone made these? There are many Asians around here that may want the unhatched eggs from my incubator. What are the details for making them?
Posted by: Foehn

Re: Balut - 06/17/11 02:14 AM

The idea would turn my stomach, but here's a link for you Balut Some Asian cultures eat things I would never dream of eating.
Posted by: Maria Ricardo

Re: Balut - 06/19/11 07:40 AM

Thanks Foehn, I hadn't found that site yet.

My ad, posted on CL, brought no responses for the balut ready eggs. Into the compost pile they go.
Posted by: Richard in MA

Re: Balut - 06/22/11 06:47 PM

I've never made them but understand that they are cooked while the embryo is still alive and, hence, fresh. I don't think one could use dead-in-shell chicks for balut.
Posted by: gdoed98

Re: Balut - 01/30/13 03:55 AM

I have tried it once with my friends when we spend our vacation in the Philippines. It's not that bad.
Posted by: ac1993

Re: Balut - 02/24/13 08:07 AM

Balut is great! We love it here in the Philippines. The usual eggs used are duck eggs. Don't know how they exactly prepare, I just enjoy eating them haha. But I know they steam/boil them for some time