peeling eggs

Posted by: Geezer

peeling eggs - 07/25/09 09:37 AM

I read somewhere that older eggs are easier than fresh eggs to peel when hard boiled.. This must be true because the fresh ones I boiled the other day were almost impossible.. Anyone know how long to "age" eggs to make them peel easier??
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/25/09 10:30 AM

Yes, it is definitely true. A couple of days is long enough, generally. Also, you can use a spoon with about the same curvature as the egg to help peel it; just slide it between the shell and the white, and move it around the egg.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/25/09 02:13 PM

If you are not in a hurry for them, refrigerate them for several hours after boiling and them submerge in cold water while cracking them and it makes it somewhat easier.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/25/09 03:15 PM

This is what I do, and it has worked well. I add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water, bring it to a boil, add room temp eggs, cover and simmer on low heat for 18 minutes. I then take the pan and put in the sink and start running cold water in the pan. Once the water in the pan is very cold, I add ice cubes to the pan. I wait about 5 minutes for the egg to have cooled complety, and then I tap the fat end (air pocket) and peel from that end. Seems to work well. I have done this on same-day-laid eggs without issues.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/25/09 03:41 PM

hmmm interesting baking soda added.. then cool to ice temp.. ok it seems that the chilling must shrink the egg away from the shell a bit.. I will try some i just collected today.. Then some after a cpl of days.. see if there is a difference.. Thanks for the tips...
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/26/09 05:55 AM

OK did some "research" yesterday.. Took 6 eggs born yesterday and boiled them 18min. (I didn't have any baking soda) cooled them with water, then put them in ice water. After 30min I peeled 2 eggs, didn't peel well, waited 30 more min. peeled 2 more, didn't peel well.. 30more min. peeled 1 egg, wasn't impressed... 30 more min peeled the last egg after 2hrs in very cold water & wasn't impressed again..

Ok now I am going to do some research on the age of the eggs & peeling ease. I will save 2 eggs per day for the next 10 days. I will put the date layed on them. When I have the 20 eggs I will boil all of them & peel them in order from fresh to 10 days old to see if/where they become easy to peel.. (I have 2 much time on my hands)
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/26/09 03:46 PM

Why baking soda?
Posted by: Maria Ricardo

Re: peeling eggs - 07/26/09 04:02 PM

Try steaming the eggs.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/26/09 09:11 PM

Try rolling and cracking the eggs while under water. After they are cold. Saw some egg peeling champion do this on TV. Now I don't know how old the eggs were.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/26/09 11:34 PM

Have no idea why, but a splash of vinegar in the water, bring to a boil and then add fresh eggs. Allow to cool and they do peel o.k.

I'll put a couple dozen in the back of the fridge and leave them there for several weeks. Then they peel o.k.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/27/09 05:32 AM

Why cook them so long?

Put eggs in the water as you're heating it up. Once the water boils, time it for 5 minutes. Once the time is up, remove the eggs from the water and put into a cup/bowl of ice water.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/27/09 03:32 PM

yes JRS that is what I usually do I was just following what the others suggested for fresh eggs, & trying to make them easier to peel.. If you put them in the water when it is cool fewer will crack as they cook.. Vinegar is an acid, I will try that.. I do crack them then rolll them between my hands. It seems to loosten the shell, except with fresh eggs.

I am trying to avoid waiting several weeks by figgerin out just about how long they have to "age" to peel easily.. Like I sed above I prolly have 2 much time on my hands.. I am retired & it is too hot to go fishin now.. (florida)
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/27/09 03:41 PM

Steam them confused How long in what confused Other than one of those egg genie things?? :rolleyes: I would put em inna pressure cooker but I am afraid of them, eek my ex had 1 & I wouldn't let her use it, now I tossed it out!! mad
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/27/09 05:45 PM

Double boiler, eggs in the top part.
To each his own....
I like older eggs, 15 minute boil, cool immediately under running cold water and then put in fridge. No problem. I often have so many eggs that there are 6-8 dozen in the fridge. My dog gets a hard boiled egg in his dinner every night--boil a dozen of the oldest eggs at a time--peel beautifully. And they are still perfect for salads, deviled eggs or sandwich spread. Eggs, if I give them away, will be the freshest, as my eggs have the date written on every egg and want my friends to know "fresh"!

If you go to the archives, you will find this subject has been listed many times over the years, and there are still more suggestions that are "sure fire" for their writers! Whatever method used--they are good eating!! CJR
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/28/09 05:53 AM

According to Consumer Reports store bought refigerated eggs will still be good up to 5 weeks after the sell by date on the box...
they dont say how long after the eggs were laid to the sell by date..

P.S. vinegar in the boiling water didn't work for me.. (very fresh eggs)
Posted by: Chickie Mom

Re: peeling eggs - 07/29/09 06:29 AM

I boil all the eggs with the little hairline cracks in them fresh from the hen house. Not the ones that are leaking obviously, but the ones with the little tiny cracks. For some reason, those peel just fine even if boiled the same day. I think a small amount of the water must come between the shell and the egg enough to peel it perfectly. And yes, I chill them very well before I peel, too.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/29/09 08:19 AM

If you add enough salt to the water when you boil eggs with hairline cracks (or unseen cracks), it will keep the eggwhite from foaming out. CJR
Posted by: Richard in MA

Re: peeling eggs - 07/29/09 04:22 PM

I have tried every trick in the book to get fresh eggs to peel easily and the only one that works great for me is the baking soda. It makes such a huge difference I will never boil without it. You don't have to cook them too long- a normal boil of 10-15 minutes is plenty. Add about a teaspoon of baking soda to the water, add the eggs and cook away. I cool the eggs in ice-water when I am using them right away but they still peel so much easier even when cooled more slowly. The baking soda acts as a surfectant within the shell and helps seperate the membrane from the egg. Vinegar, ice, cracking during cooling, steaming, waving a magic wand and even pixie dust dosn't work nearly as well as the baking soda. Well, pixie dust can in some cases wink .
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/30/09 04:43 AM

Guess I'll have to stop chasing the pixies. By the time I catch them, I forget what I was chasing them for any way. I am going to town today or tomorrow; will have to get some baking soda.
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/15/09 01:18 PM

Okay, I have the answer (sort of). I saved two eggs every day until I had an 18-egg carton filled. I kept them in fridge 'til the oldest wer21 days old, which made the newest 12 days old. I just hard boiled all of them for 10-12 minutes. Cooled them with tap water and started peeling them from newest to oldest. The 12-day-old eggs peeled easier than the fresh ones but not easy or fast. There was little or no change in the ease of peeling until around 15-16 days old. Then it seemed the membrane was starting to loosten. They got a bit better until I got to the 21-day-old, which was pretty good. My conclusion is that if I was to need to boil and peel a large number, I would want them to be no less than 3 weeks old, and I am sure 4 weeks would be even better.

P.S. The way I have always peeled my eggs is to thoroughly crack them, then roll them between my hands to crack the shell into small bits and to loosen it from the white. The eggs were all still warm to the touch. I didn't experiment with putting them in the fridge after boiling.
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/15/09 04:09 PM

Never an end to our different ways of peeling hardboiled eggs, but some of us do it daily. I boil a dozen or so eggs at a time, the oldest ones in my fridge, sometimes 8-10 weeks old. They are started in cold water and boiled at least 20 minutes, heat (electric stove) turned down a little, after a good rolling boil. Sometimes I forget them and they boil almost dry--or dry and I hear or smell them from another room! Quick save!! Put in the sink under cold running water while I do "something else"--surely sometimes 10 minutes, (I do not have to buy water--deep well). Drain off water and put in a bowl, not covered, in the fridge.

My dog gets one a day, chopped on his dinner kibble--gives me a "look", if I offer his food without the egg! No problems peelng, but I crack all around and usually start at the large end, seems to get under the innermost membrane easier, from the air space. Older eggs have a larger air space. Older eggs also have the yolk on one side, so don't peel into it. And they are still as good as a fresh egg, boiled--sometimes slip one into a salad or egg salad sandwich! Eggs are truly a good food and I like them any way they are prepared--(raw is not prepared, and I decline to eat one raw) but there are those who DO!!!!!

laugh laugh laugh CJR
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/16/09 12:02 AM

All I have on hand are fresh eggs. Rarley do I boil them. When I do, they are stinkers to peel. Until today.... Boiled some fresh eggs, turned them off, left them sitting in their pot of hot water because I got distracted by something. Hubby crawled under a jacked-up horse trailer only to have the trailer come off the jack. No one was hurt, but it made a heck of a bang and I had to make sure our life insurance policy was in order. You know, priorities. THen I had to lecture him on the proper use of a jack and the stupidity of wedging himself into dangerous places! Sheesh, men!

BY the time everything was blown over and settled down, the eggs had been sitting in their water for almost two hours. The water was room temp. Without running them under cold water I just whacked them with a spoon, opened at fat end, slipped a teaspoon in and peeled those shells off lickety split. I have never had fresh eggs peel like that before! NO cold water whatsoever. Maybe the problem is that we rush. Let em sit. No salt, no soda, no vinegar, just eggs sitting there whle Hubby flattens himself in the driveway.

Oh, about boiling eggs for 15 or 20 minutes, YIKES! eek I set mine on in cold water, bring to boil, boil for 4 minutes, turn element OFF but leave them on the element for another 10 minutes in hot but not boiling water.(then I normally put them in cold water) They are hard boiled without the dark rings around the yolk which mean they were over boiled. BUt from now on I'll put them on to boil and ask Hubby to run some vehicle up a helps me peel perfect eggs.
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/17/09 06:31 AM

Seems I had tried that but can't remember with all the things suggested I have some fresh ones I will try it with.. Of course I am usually in a hurry to put them in a salad or something so I use th cold water.. My daughter suggested to try keeping them a few days at room temp. then boiling, I will try that too.. I usually just bting to a boil and set aside for a while. the water is still near 212f (boiling) even if it isn't bubbling..
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/17/09 11:44 AM

OK tried it!!! laugh it does seem to have helped.. I wouldn't say lickety split but was much easier. Can't get the spoon to help tho. mad
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/17/09 11:47 AM

Practice with different size spoons; it really works once you find one with the right curvature.
Posted by: Geezer

Re: peeling eggs - 08/19/09 06:59 AM

Hey ipf. I tried boiling some yesterday again mid afternoon. I have an electric stove. I shut the stove off as soon as the water boiled and left the pot on the same burner with the lid on. I intended to come back in 2-3 hours but forgot them. I got up this morning, and there they were. I started peeling them. They were mostly about 6 days old. Some were the same day and in between.

I tried the spoon and tried different sizes. I found one that worked best but still not great. Then I started at the pointy end. They peel much better from the pointy end. The spoon that worked the best was quite small. It was from when my grandchildren were just learning to use one. I think it may have been because it was thinner (sharper) at its point. Or maybe it is just the "right" one.

I have one more thing I want to try maybe this weekend.
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/19/09 04:12 PM

Interesting about the pointy end. Yes, definitely, sharper spoons work better. I like your practical attitude to science!
Posted by: Uno

Re: peeling eggs - 08/19/09 10:47 PM the secret is the spoon!
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Re: peeling eggs - 08/20/09 04:30 AM

Well the spoon does seem 2 help but I think it is the slow cooling process. They peel easier by just fingers too. The shells seem tobe looser. On the ones that don't peel as well either with the spoon or just fingers some of the white is lost, but I found that by switching to the small end when I encountered a tough to peel one it made it mush easier so I now peel from the small end only..
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Re: peeling eggs - 09/16/09 04:50 AM

Back again :rolleyes: nothing seems to work with day old eggs however for me several tablespoons of salt makes peeling eggs as new as 5 to 7 days old much easier. But still the older the better.. smile
Posted by: Uno

Re: peeling eggs - 09/24/09 12:05 AM

Ah Geezer, never have truer words been spoke...the older the better! I feel very strongly about this, especially since I am seeing the long side of my 40th birthday and a looming 50th in a few years! Yes, the older the better!
Posted by: Rook-a-dook

Re: peeling eggs - 09/24/09 11:52 PM

I don't keep eggs longer than about a week, so my boiled eggs are always relatively fresh.
I find if I empty the hot water from the pot, and then fill it with cold water, I can start peeling immediately.
I crack the egg on each end, then along the length. I peel the eggs under the water in the pot, the water seems to help a lot.
If I come to a sticky bit, I simply drop it back into the pot of water, and start on another one, then come back to it.
Posted by: Geezer

Re: peeling eggs - 09/25/09 01:17 PM

Uno, I agree with you to a point. (I am past that point.) I don't even remember 50! Shucks, sometimes I can't remember yeaterday, but then I guess that's good sometimes, too.

Rook A, I find 10 days old is the youngest I want to try. I have tried the under water and also under running water doesn't do anything for me.
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Re: peeling eggs - 07/28/10 11:20 AM

Eggs don't stay too long at my house, we go through at least 4 doz a week. Therefore the eggs we boil are fairly fresh. What I have found that works the best is to set the eggs on the counter the night before boiling. Even if you don't set them out, you can boil them in salt water and by salt water I mean ocean style salt water. Boil, cool and peel them as usual. This has always worked for me.

I have been told the salt penetrates into the shell and keeps the membrane from sticking to the shell. Not sure if that's true, but it does work well.
Posted by: Foehn

Re: peeling eggs - 07/29/10 09:11 PM

Originally Posted By: Squid
I have been told the salt penetrates into the shell and keeps the membrane from sticking to the shell. Not sure if that's true, but it does work well.

Do you mean "sticking to the egg" rather than the shell, Squid? If so it is easy to go back into your thread via edit and change the word and click change post
Posted by: Maria Ricardo

Re: peeling eggs - 07/30/10 04:16 PM

I have had great success from a previous post about this subject. Steam the eggs like you would steam vegetables. Doesn't matter how fresh they are, they peel easily.
Posted by: Uno

Re: peeling eggs - 08/05/10 08:00 PM

Steam an egg? I have never considered that. I am going to try it right now!
Posted by: CJR

Re: peeling eggs - 01/06/12 10:54 PM

Peeling HB eggs seems to be a perpetual problem for some folks.
For those who have trouble, have you tried the "EGGIES", the little containers that you crack your egg in before hard or soft boiling? No shells to peel. I don't want any more little junk to wash or store, but someone may like them? I HB more than a dozen bantam eggs at a time--several weeks old--so peel one every day for my little dog, and chop it in his dinner. And it is nice to make several dozen deviled bantam eggs for potlucks. Bite sized, they disappear quickly! Love those eggs! CJR
Posted by: Christie_Rhae

Re: peeling eggs - 03/11/12 06:28 PM

I have discovered the way to hard boil and easily peel eggs the day they were laid.
Get your water boiling, use a ladle and carefully place each egg in the boiling water.
Boil 15 minutes. As soon as done ladle each egg into a big bowl of ice water. Let them cool completely. Peel right away. I peel all the eggs and store them in zip lock bags. With this technique you will not have that grey layer on the yolk... perfect and yellow and egg shells slipped off easily.
Posted by: KathyL

Re: peeling eggs - 08/18/13 07:14 PM

Originally Posted By: Chickie Mom
I boil all the eggs with the little hairline cracks in them fresh from the hen house. Not the ones that are leaking obviously, but the ones with the little tiny cracks. For some reason, those peel just fine even if boiled the same day. I think a small amount of the water must come between the shell and the egg enough to peel it perfectly. And yes, I chill them very well before I peel, too.

I always take a spoon and tap a small crack in the egg. They peel beautifully, every time. Even with fresh eggs.