Good Morning,

I will be discussing the Calif. NPIP program with the head of the Natl. program next week.

For the Calif people that have participated in, or have knowledge of the NPIP program....

What suggestions do you have, that would make it easier and more inviting for non-commercial (us) folks? Up until now, the general focus of the NPIP here, has been the commercial industry. From what Dr. Takeshita and Dr. Bradley, there is now an interest in the private breeders, driven by the END epidemic. Cost and convenience are the main reasons that I did not renew my membership. I have over 50 birds, and had to have a vet come out, take the blood samples, and send them to the lab. After the results were in and mailed to NPIP, a State Inspector came out and visually checked my place. The entire process cost me in excess of $300.

For the folks in other states...

What are the procedures / requirements for you to become a certified NPIP memeber? I understand from some that there are states that not only don't cost, but the NPIP will actually come out and assist you with drawing the blood samples. While this may not feasable with the Calif. budget, there has got to be a way for them to improve our options.