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#10517 - 07/04/05 05:27 PM egg bound?

We have a Columbian Wyandotte that is 20 wks. old. She hasn't laid before. We have have had two others (rir and buff orp.)lay their first eggs in the past two days. Our wyandotte is having trouble. Her breathing is noisy (kinda raspy with voice?) with a small cluck every once in a while. She seems to be trying to lay an egg, no luck. No discharge anywhere. Been going on for 4 hrs. Help! We have raised her from a chick and really don't wa frown nt to lose her!

#10518 - 07/04/05 06:15 PM Re: egg bound?
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Her first egg might be a soft shell--and very hard to pass along the canal. See that other birds do not disturb or bother her. And do not squeeze or massage her body in any way. The egg may drop at any time or place--or yet, it may be a perfect egg with good shell, and her canal has just not stretched enough to lay it easily. And yes, it is painful while this is going on. There may be a little blood on the egg shell when it arrives. A very few pullets have a hard time with their first egg or two. Usually, all is well after that. Good luck, CJR

#10519 - 07/04/05 06:27 PM Re: egg bound?

Thanks. We'll keep an eye on her and let you know what happens. We just hate to see anything suffer!

#10520 - 07/05/05 07:36 AM Re: egg bound?
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Make sure she has oyster shell or some other crushed shell that she can eat if she wishes. It is easier to lay when the hen has enough calcium to give good muscle tone.

#10521 - 07/05/05 08:54 AM Re: egg bound?

Blackie is doing much better this morning. Her breathing has returned to normal. Eating and drinking. She has made several trips to the nest, scratching and getting it ready, but no egg. She seems ok. We keep oyster shell handy for them all. Thanks everyone.


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