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#105744 - 09/12/12 02:24 AM 18 Month old dragging foot
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I found my 18 month old bard dragging its foot 4 days ago. Foot slightly swollen but no wound found. Chick unable to walk on the leg as it drags behind her. She has very few feathers on her bottom. Area red/swollen and feathers few near chest bone. I have separated her from the flock. She is eating and drinking a little. I have placed her in a sling and let her out daily but seems it is only getting worse. Her butt appears more swollen and see,s to have a small fluid filled sac. I believe she was plucked by our other chicks prior to separating her. I don't know what to do as this is our first flock. Please help. Thanks

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#105745 - 09/12/12 02:28 AM Re: 18 Month old dragging foot [Re: AMIG]
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Also she has no grip with the foot. I am able to extend the leg straight back and feel no obvious break. I tried to feel the tendon, but don't feel anything out of place and don't really know what I'm feeling for. I am a RN and figure it should feel like a rubber band? The foot literally is limp and she can only stand if I spread the toes and hold the 1st leg joint above the foot. She does not even try to pull her leg up.

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#105746 - 09/12/12 02:43 AM Re: 18 Month old dragging foot [Re: AMIG]
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From the general description she seems to be in fairly bad overall condition. When you say "swollen", are you taking about the padded area under the foot? I am presuming that the answer is "No", since your second post says that she can stand once the toes are spread.
You are doing the right thing in separating her from the others, especially if she is been bullied. Chickens will "gang" up on weaker/injured ones.
Honestly, I do not think there is much hope of a full recovery. At best I think she could recover with the right treatment but retain the limp for life.
By the way, she is no longer a "Chick" at 18 months of age.

#105748 - 09/12/12 04:05 AM Re: 18 Month old dragging foot [Re: mdenham]
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Mareks is a disease that has one form that causes paralysis of the limbs. This usually spreads to the wing on the same side and then to the other leg. It is progressive and will cause death but the hen will not be suffering pain.
Do a search within these pages as there are many posts about Mareks, and see if the symptoms in any way, match what your hen has.
The rear end issue may or may not be related. It sounds quite like a prolapse which can come about from laying eggs that are too large.
If you can post some pictures it may be helpful in determining what is wrong with your hen.

#106225 - 10/20/12 05:22 AM Re: 18 Month old dragging foot [Re: Foehn]
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perhaps you are looking at the wrong place most likely it is a inflammation of the hip area ,possibly caused via a latent viral infection ,I would put the bird on noninflammatory drugs or you could choose to feed the bird ginger ,capsicum and chilli's ,I would also give Bananas these have an inbuilt protease inhibitor that will stop a virus (or at least slow ) from replicating it's DNA , I would also have a Google for Viral Tenosynovitis ,I doubt if this is the cause but perhaps further links may help ....If this problems develops further within your flock I would increase Manganese in their diets and back this up with B group vitamins , B group vitamins are particularly help full in calming stressed and in pain birds as well as ligament and bone growth problems especially those associated with legs


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